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Our Hacker WiFi network Connection Software Tool Work

Take a minute and think about all those things we do online! We pay our electricity bills, our mobile phone bills, our banks credits, we send and receive money using the electronic banking services, we monitor our bank accounts etc. In other words we share more details about our private lives online than we are really aware of. If somehow someone manages to get hold of your password, or to reveal it by using some of the modern application tool than your digital access will be the first target of the hackers or unauthorized people.

Still, there is something you can do about your Hacker WiFi. First of all you can open the “network and internet” option from the start menu of your computer. Then check the properties of the Hacker WI-FI you are connected to. You can check your password and change it every now and then. Also, don’t fail to notice the security protocol that is activated on your Hacker WI-FI internet connection. If it is WEP, then probably your password consists of less than eight numbers and it is very simple to crack for the experienced experts in the WI-FI hacking field. On the other hand if the security protocols type you use is either WPA or WPA 2, than your security is on a higher level. Still, you can never be too careful with the WI-FI security.

There are such software application tools that can teach complete ignorant users, such as me, how to hack any passwords in just a few minutes.

I gave one of these Hacker WiFi tools a shot. I practiced the functionality tool on a network that I set up especially for that experiment. The password that I assigned to the network was pretty simple one and the security protocol I used was WEP not WPA or WPA 2. Next, in the manual of the tool was the set up of the four-way handshake. This is a term for verifying that the PC from which you try to enter the WI-FI connection is authorized. It was my first attempt but altogether successful. In about two hours I managed to retrieve the simple password I set on the new, experimental Hacker WI-FI. I figured that if I could do this in two hours, how long will the experienced hacker need to enter my network? Ten minutes, fifteen minutes? It sounds I bit alarming especially if you picture the magnitude of the data traffic that is being sent over your Hacker WI-FI network connection. Maybe there is no way to be completely safe and secure, but at least you can update your passwords from WEP to WPA and change them regularly to increse the security as much as possible.


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