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You have invested a lot of money into your phone. Smartphones are one of the most expensive devices that you can buy. Given how often we use them, they are also the easiest to mess up. There are many different reasons why someone would want to keep their phone in good condition. A lot of people like to sell their old phone when they get a new one. Other are just embarrassed by walking around with a phone that has giant cracks in the screen. Either way, here are the four best tips to keep your phone is pristine condition.

1. Buy a Phone Case

If you don’t mind sacrificing the form factor of your smartphone, a case is the way to go. How do most people end up damaging their phone? Dropping it. Cases are instrumental in preventing damage from drops. Most smartphones aren’t like the indestructible Nokias of old. Once you drop it, it’s done. A heavy-duty case will absorb the shock and leave your phone unscathed. it is really easy to search “cellphonecases.com” and find an appropriate and affordable case for your phones protection.

4 Tips For Keeping Your Cell Phones In Pristine Condition

2. Buy a Phone Skin

Skins are for people that want to protect their phone, but don’t want to alter the overall form factor. Skins are a great way to protect the exterior of your phone from natural wear and tear. After a while, phones have a tendency to lose some of their luster. This is due to bacteria, sunlight, and many other factors. Skins protect your phone from these factors. However, skins offer much less protection than cases. Your phone will still be vulnerable to drops.

3. Keep it Away From Moisture

Everyone knows they shouldn’t go swimming with their smartphone. However, water damage is something that can accumulate over time. While it may not break the phone immediately, the slightest bit of moisture is enough to ruin the performance of your phone over time. Keep it away from all sources of moisture and dampness. Don’t even use it with damp hands or when you are getting rained on.

4. Clean It Often

Like most appliances, phones need to be cleaned. Dust can get inside the speaker grill, stains can be left on your phone, Make up can get all over the screen and many other things can dirty up your phone. Use a can of compressed air to get all of the dust out of the ports. Use a microfiber cloth and some cleaning solution to wipe down the phone. Make sure you turn your phone off before taking any of these steps.

All in all, there are many ways to ensure that your phone looks a good as the day you bought it. These tips are relatively inexpensive and will keep your phone looking excellent.  You phone is an incredibly valuable part of you everyday life and you can’t afford to let it go to waste. Follow all the steps mentioned here and your phone can be worthwhile until you are ready for your next upgrade/


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