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There are many people who are looking to earn sizable amount of money by developing mobile apps. Roxio with its Angry Bird series is a huge success in the mobile app industry and while we may not be able to mimic its successes in the past, there are things we could do to innovate and offer users with something interesting. Here are some ideas that new developers could consider when they are seeking ideas for mobile apps:

  1. Creepy characters: There are many creepy characters we know from various horror movies, such as the dreaded sadako from the Ring. Horror fans won’t mind having an app that’s dedicated for specific creepy characters. The app could display the face of the character with their strange markings. We could include various odd features and by shaking the phone, we could make the character to respond in creepy manners.
  2. Animal face: We could make apps that provide faces of animals and they could interact with touches and swipes. Creating pet apps could be a little overwhelming for some new users, but this idea could be a start. This could be an interesting app for users, as an example, a dog could bark when we touch its face. Children would love to use the app, because they can learn how dozens of animals respond differently. This may look like a purposeless idea for adults, but pre-schoolers should appreciate it.
  3. Automatic matchmaker: This could be a perfect dating app. Users could put in different characteristics of their dream couples. They could enable the Bluetooth connectivity in pubs or crowded shopping malls. When nearby smartphones with the same app installed and the Bluetooth feature enabled, they could examine whether there’s a match. While it is very difficult to achieve a 100 percent match, possible coupled with high percentage of compatibility could be notified by their vibrating and ringing smartphones. They should be able to find one another, because the Bluetooth connection has a relatively short range.
  4. Swear box: We may occasionally have difficult days and we tend to swear more often. However, swearing to unresponsive objects could be less satisfying. A swear box app could provide minimal responses to swears and this could offer users a psychological relief. The sole focus of this idea is to relieve tension and it would be a better solution than swearing on real people. We may have a bit of grudge against someone, so an app with this feature could provide users with something they can unleash with.

While not everyone will be eager to deal with these ideas, developers should try to work on something simple and somewhat innovative to boost their motivation and imagination. Often, really great ideas could emerge after we work with multiple much simpler ones. So, it is a good idea to consider whether these concepts could be applicable for our first venture in mobile development areas. We shouldn’t worry too much about initial failures, because developing mobile apps could be easy and affordable.


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