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5 Benefits Of Implementing Software Asset Management

In this modern digital managed environment, most of the businesses employ multiple methods or systems to track the physical assets, essential for business. Key among those methods is SAM or Software Asset Management, which is a set of complete IT practices designed to manage software usage by your company or organization.  SAM  involves the proper optimization and effective management of software applications required for your business operations. Consequently, by optimizing SAM, you will also get most of your software.

5 Benefits Of Implementing Software Asset Management

Optimizing and Controlling your software usage aligning with your organization goals, and maintaining licensing compliance can save your time. Using SAM services can help your business benefit these measures and can bring other additional benefits also.

Let’s look at the top five benefits you can get by implementing Software Asset Management for your organization.

1.Reduce Security Risk: With SAM solutions, businesses can easily identify and prevent their users from downloading unauthorised software which can bring viruses to your computer. SAM  reminders, documentation support, and tracking tools allow you to:

  • Reduce risk of bad publicity and fines by preparing for routine outside inspections
  • Reduce risk of injury and lost production through routine inspections and maintenance
  • Reduce risk of vulnerable theft or malware through physical asset inventory control

2.Education:By adopting SAM solutions for your business, you can learn about licences compliance and the advantages you should get and understand what you are paying for. By getting the insights from professional tools, you can reduce costs and receive an optimized ROI.

3.Save Money: SAM solutions help determine the exact needs and requirements of your business and ensures the software is secured in the most cost effective licensed agreement.  SAM will most essentially, help your business save money, refine its bottom line and optimise the Return on Investment of all its assets by:

  • Reducing bad publicity and fines through regular inspections
  • Improving equipment uptime
  • Eliminating expensive emergency repairs
  • Increasing asset lifetime through effective condition monitoring and maintenance.
  • Reducing bad publicity and fines  through preemptive inspections

4.Integration: Most of the leading companies in the market, are offering effective SAM services with 24/7 customer support, ready to tackle all your application problems from any location.  You don’t have to face software problems arising from integration and incompatibility since your SAM solution is implemented across  all business operations with any interruption.

5. Reduced IT support : 
With a licensed software being managed and used and elimination of unauthorised software, staff members does not require more technical support. By adopting SAM solutions, you can help your IT services by reducing help IT desk calls and also allow them to focus on other key activities.

Conclusion: The above mentioned were the five benefits of implementing Software Asset Management for your business. SAM solutions utilise a wide variety of practices and tools, ensuring  that your software operates as effectively as possible.  Adopting an effective SAM solution for your business can not only help you mitigate risks and manage costs, it also maintain agility and flexibility at your workplace.

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