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Has horse riding ever tempted you? If you aspired to be a rider, then a horse riding safari Tanzania could be your first biggest and the most adventurous task you have ever done in your life so far. So here is a guide for all those first timers who want to experience horse riding in the laps of nature’s most spectacular creation – Tanzania:

  1. The horsing attire

When you choose to horse ride in Tanzania, you are likely to get all that you need and all safety measure guidelines from your tour conductors. But, it’s always better if you are pre- aware of the basics, especially for a daring task like horse riding.! Your horsing attire is your biggest protector, especially if you are a novice. A rider should essentially have:

  • An ASTM/ STI certified helmet that is especially designed for horse riding purposes. A simple bike helmet won’t protect your head!
  • You should wear boots that are flat soled and preferably be pointed. Just like the cowboys do!
  • Talking about clothing, wear a full sleeve shirt made of cotton, that will save you from sun burn and help in preventing sweat (obviously, when you know that Tanzania is so close to the equator!). For the lower parts, you can wear Jodhpurs that are specifically designed for riding purposes and are also very durable, flexible and yet give you that sporty look.
  • Other accessories that you may opt to wear: Gloves with good grips and lightly shaded sunglasses.
  1. Preliminary riding lessons

Tanzanian land is a challenge to conquer, even for the professionals! So, if you want your riding session to be smooth, you should get familiar with the basics of the riding techniques, the stable and even interact for some time with your chosen horse (know about their temperament and body language) before you ride.

  1. Some tips for riding your horse for the first time:
  • As a beginner, you must stay away from anything that blocks your way like fences, trees or houses. Ride in an open area and take it slow.
  • Many horses respond to commands. If they don’t, then, just by gently squeezing your calves into the horse’s sides would generally put these horses into action or you can even use the reins to steer. As each horse has individual characteristics, make sure you ask the stable master about how that particular horse listens to the commands. Beginners must not hire an unresponsive horse.
  • Take riding lessons from a nearby qualified teacher.
  1. Choosing your horse essentials

Your horse must have an ‘all purpose’ saddle. Beginners should avoid getting into a Jumping saddle. Child saddles should be of about ten inches. Saddles are the most important horse riding tool that will make you feel comfortable throughout your journey.

The safest, yet adventurous destinations for beginners

If you are a novice and yet want to experience the adventurous horse riding safari Tanzania, you must consider conquering some prescribed portions of the Serengeti National Park, Lake Manyara, Lake Natron and the Singita Grumeti River, Tanzania. Though much more fascinating, the Kilimanjaro trail is only for the experienced riders.


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