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5 Easy Ways To Reduce Mobile Phone Radiation

Mobile phone radiation is an issue recognised by many influential and respected bodies around the world, including the NHS and the WHO. Here are five ways that you can minimise its impact on your health while still making use of your smartphone in everyday life.

Keep a Handle on Calling Habits

Your body is exposed to the radiation emitted by your mobile whenever you are in contact with it, but the risks are greatest when you are making a voice call with the handset pressed directly against the side of your head.

Using the hands-free speakerphone mode available on all modern devices will let you maintain a safe distance from your mobile while still completing those all-important calls.

Other ways to reduce mobile phone radiation by changing your calling habits include by only making or receiving calls while you are in places with strong levels of network coverage. The weaker the signal, the harder your handset has to work to avoid a dropped call, thus leading to more radiation being emitted. Fight back against this by planning where and when to make a call to stop this being an issue.

Turn Off Your Phone

The only way to completely eliminate mobile radiation is to turn the device off. And while this may not be appropriate in all situations, it certainly makes sense in one particular scenario: when you are asleep.

Most people leave their mobile on their bedside table overnight, putting it in close proximity to their bodies and meaning that even while they sleep, it will remain in contact with the nearest cellular mast, creating bursts of radiation and activity throughout the night. By turning it off, you can reduce mobile phone radiation and also prevent your device from distracting you while you should be resting.

Buy a Mobile Radiation Reducer

A radiation reducer like the R2L is a great investment for mobile owners, since it can cut the unwanted radiation produced by a handset by up to 70% and will make it safer without forcing you to stop using it as normal.

By turning the microwave radiation into electric current and then harnessing this to power an LED, the health concerns will evaporate in an instant.

Use a Landline

Although they may no longer be in fashion, landline phones are still common across the country and the world. With a wired telephone, you do not run the risk of being exposed to mobile radiation and can chat for as long as you want without worrying.

Landlines have the added benefit of providing affordable calling options, even to mobile numbers, so check out your network provider’s tariff for more information.

Make Minor Adjustments

A simple tip to minimise your exposure to mobile radiation is to avoid voice calls altogether and instead embrace other types of communication that your handset makes available to you. From instant messaging to email and social media, you can leverage modern ways to stay in touch that do not involve pressing your phone on to your body.


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