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SEO is a very important part of the website. All the firms who host a website to attract business are keen to improve their SEO ranking. But at the same time, you have to be cautious of selecting the correct SEO agency for your site. The Chicago Search Marketing Agency focuses on improving SEO content optimization to attract relevant traffic to your website. Read on to find out about the hot SEO tips and tricks for blogs.

  1. Link Building

    A good SEO agency will help your website build internal links to improve SEO ranking. It is a very important part to connect the old content to the fresh one. Google builds a paper trail by linking old content with the new ones.You should link the concerned articles published earlier on your website to the fresh content as you write on the site. You should remember that worth of the link rises when the worth of the fresh content moves higher. Google thinks it is a very good move to link articles. It has definitely indexed your old content and you may probably have links to these if it considers it good.

  1. Google Webmaster Tools

    You must have noticed that if you have any problems with your content, Google will creep into your site. If you are not fixing these issues, it does not mean Google will not send traffic to your website, but it definitely tells you what is wrong so you may correct them. Google portrays errors into Webmaster tools, but off course, it doesn’t send you any personalized email. The Chicago PPC Agency makes use of such tools to better content to the best advantage of their clients.

  2. Review Unranked Content

    You should make it a regular habit to remove unranked matter. Review your latest posts monthly to ascertain the type of traffic landing on your website. You can take corrective actions if you are receiving petite traffic. You should not forget the old content while focussing on the new ones. You can add links to your website, tweak your posts to add different keywords or add links to posts written by famous people to improve your ranking.

  3. Related Keywords

    As relevant keywords in your content matter, it is a good exercise to consider these. You should always optimize your keywords when writing a blog post. These relevant keywords are related to your primary keyword and they increase the worth of your content. If you want to find these keywords then you may as well try searching for relevant words in the Google.

  4. Guest posts

    You have to keep adding fresh content with new links to attract more traffic. The new links to your posts will enable you to maintain a good place in Google search result. You should include an article which is relevant to the guest’s posts and attracts traffic to your website. You should always remember that your SEO ranking will determine the amount of traffic you will get on your website, therefore the all these tricks help you accrue maximum benefit out of it.


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