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5 Most Common Web Application Security Threats

Now these days, hackers are inventing sophisticated threats to provide more harm to your computer system and business. The threats are many and increasing every day. Actually, nearly every device that is connected directly to Internet on a dedicated (always on) or broadband connection is prone to threats.

Every device which is connected to Internet receives an IP (Internet Protocol) address which has two components, a host component and a network component. A cyber-criminal can easily launch a software program to ‘ping’ every host address within a network and log the results. With the help of list of active devices, the cyber criminals launch other scans to evaluate the application programs or operating system of the active device runs. Therefore, many applications and operating systems have security vulnerabilities that the cyber criminals exploits.

 So, what could these hackers do if they discover vulnerabilities on your web application server? If you are not taking web application security services, then you will be in great danger. Let us examine top five web application security threats:

  1. Defacement and Altered Content- Once cyber-criminal gains access to your computer system, the content is at high risk. As I stated previously, what would be the outcome if someone (hacker) altered the content of your website Server? If you and your business rely upon your web Server or website to drive customers to your business or generate revenue, altered or defacement of content can irreparably damage your reputation with your website visitors and prospects.
  1. Data Theft- Another potential threat to web application is the Data Theft. If your web app has account numbers, e-mail addresses, or other sensitive banking data, a cyber-criminal may steal that data and exploit it for his own gain. Imagine having to explain to your loyal customers that the data stolen from your web server led to unauthorized use of their financial data or identity theft.
  1. Unauthorized Access to Applications and System Resources- Sometimes cyber criminals use your computer system for his own purposes merely denying you the ability to effectively use your system. The outcome of this threat ranges from a minor inconvenience to a major disaster.
  1. Denial of Service Attacks- Some cyber criminals or hackers launch denial-of-service-attacks, which overwhelm the network connection and deny your customers and you to access your site. Again, the outcome of this threat ranges from a minor inconvenience to major disaster.
  1. Propagation of Worms, Viruses, and Other Malware- Sometimes cyber criminals may access your computer system to use it as a springboard to launch worms, viruses or other malware. This is done on your computer system to cover the tracks of hacker.

The best way to deal with these threats is hire penetration testing companies in India which provide effective web application security testing services with the help of their experienced professionals. These companies have a team of skilled skilled pen testers or ethical hackers which save your system from all potential danger.


Web Application Security Threats

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