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With technology integrated into our daily lives, mobile computer technicians are growing in abundance. Everyone who knows technology and how to repair it has at one point been called by friends, family, or even acquaintances to help repair their computers and gadgets. If you are choosing to take this service and make an income through freelance computer repair, there are a few things you may need to help succeed. For those up and coming mobile computer techs, here are 5 gadgets you must have.



When you decide to take on a mobile business as a repair tech, you need to have all of your software with you. The best way to accomplish this is to have a dedicated laptop for your repair jobs. This will assure you have a working computer while repairing the broken ones. Any software or information you will need can be stored and accessed on your laptop.


Power Inverter:

If you have more than one job to handle each day, a power inverter can be your best tool. This will allow you to plug your laptop, phone, mobile printer, or any other gadget into your car outlet to power them up. Nothing stops productivity like a dead battery on a device you need to work.


Mobile Broadband:

During the times when you need access to the internet with no connection around, mobile broadband can be the key. These gadgets allow you to connect to the internet no matter where you are as long as there is cell phone reception. If you are on a job where internet connectivity is unavailable, your mobile broadband can help get the job done.



The latest trend in mobile devices is the smartphone. With a good smartphone you can access information on the internet, run apps to help diagnose problems, and even take mobile credit card payments. Whether you choose iPhone or Android, your smartphone could be the most versatile tool in your pc repair toolbox.


Mobile Credit Card Reader:

In the past, cash or check was the only way for a freelance mobile tech to take a payment. Today the smartphone allows for us to do more than was possible. With services such as Intuit and Square, mobile card readers that attach to your smartphone allows for mobile credit card payments. Just slide the card through the reader or manually enter the credit card information into the included app and your customer can pay for your services instantly. Once the payment has been processed, a receipt is instantly emailed to your customer.


Mobile computer repair techs are increasing in demand since technology is increasing in homes and businesses. If you are using your skills to earn extra income or create a business for yourself, be sure you are prepared with the tools and gadgets that you will need in order to complete your jobs on site and offer the convenience your customers deserve and expect.


Author Isaac Stone writes for bestcomputersciencedegrees.com, a site listing the top computer science degrees and other detailed information and tuition costs for the top online computer science programs available.


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