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5 New Linkedin Features That Can Help Your Business

When we think of social media, the first thought that comes to mind is usually not LinkedIn. On its home page, LinkedIn touts itself as “the world’s largest professional network.” Most think of LinkedIn as a site just for professionals and those seeking jobs as professionals. If you’re bypassing this social media site because you’re thinking these things, you may need to think again. LinkedIn has some new tools that can go a long way in helping grow your business.

5 New Linkedin Features That Can Help Your Business

You start like everyone else, with a basic listing. A typical example would be the LinkedIn listing for Start Elevator, Inc.. This construction company, located in the Bronx in New York, has itself listed as a company with its own LinkedIn address. That’s the start; where do we go from here?

LinkedIn can be a powerful cornerstone in your business’s social media presence. There are some new features offered by LinkedIn that can give your company the boost it may be looking for.

1.  Know who’s watching you. LinkedIn has always offered a feature that lets you see who has viewed your page. The recent update to this feature gives you much more information. Now you can find out the keyword search used that led people to your page. You can get information about the visitor, such as what industry they work in, which company employs them, etc. You can use this information to find commonalities with your viewers, which can help in cultivating them as a customer.

2.  6 degrees of separation. We’ve all played the game “6 degrees of Separation” where we tried to find connections between random people, usually famous celebrities. With LinkedIn’s “How You’re Connected” tool, you can find how the viewers of your page are linked to a specific person or business. This can be used to prevent the dreaded “cold-calling” for new contacts. You’ll be armed up front with information on a shared interest or contact.

3.  Finding influencer content. Business News Daily stated that the targeting tools on LinkedIn are “unparalleled in digital advertising.” Finding Influencer content is as simple as entering a name in the search bar. You can stay current on industry news and see what information is trending.

4. Who’s mentioning whom. This feature lets you start a conversation within your network or share important information. When you mention a person or business in your status update or comments section, that person or company is notified that they’ve been mentioned by you. This can get you communicating in real-time.

5.  Work your groups. This tool is an oldie but goodie. It is a fundamental way to keep connected and stay engaged in active discussions. Using this simple tool can help expand your network to move beyond your established circle of contacts.

Being an active presence in the social media sphere where potential customers hang out is easy to do with these new features offered by LinkedIn. Take advantage of it to help your business grow.

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