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You might recollect an old adage ‘all the fingers are not equal’. Obviously this is true even in the case of children. Every child has his or her own level of perception. Some are intelligent, some are average and some may be slow learners. Experts in the field of education say that we should not compare the intelligence level of one student with the other because that would lead to pessimism among students who are less intelligent. Experts are of the opinion that the majority of students will be able to improve in their curriculum if they are given some extra attention. This extra attention could be in the form of home tuition similar to the practice followed in Malaysia popularly called as home tuition kl.

Here again, experts are of the opinion that all home tuitions cannot be effective. Experts have set certain guidelines to make the home tuition meaningful and effective. These five guidelines could be summarized as follows

Individual Attention:

Some students require individual attention. That means to say children require a level of bonding with the teachers. But, you cannot expect this in a classroom. This deficiency can be overcome by home tuition where the teacher will directly interact with the student. This gives enough scope to develop the much needed personal bond with the teacher.

5 Simple Steps To Make The Home Tuition More Effective

Methods in the Learning Process:

Many times students do not adopt the right approach to their learning process. Take for example, a student who is learning mathematics. Such students should primarily learn the formulas so that they could solve the mathematical problems. But, if a student does not learn the formula then he will not be able to solve the mathematical problem. Home tuition will help in identifying such deficiencies in the student and provide him or her necessary guidance so that they could improve in their studies. In fact, the home tuition kl is known to emphasize more on giving such guidance to the students.

Extra Attention to the Specific Subject:

It so happens that some students find one particular subject in their curriculum either difficult or the subject may not interest them. This problem can be effectively addressed by home tuition process. The method normally adopted in home tuition kl is to spend extra hours on that particular subject. The teacher will explain the importance of the particular subject in the higher classes. The teacher will also help the student to answer the related questions from the previous examination papers or from question banks. All these are done to help the student develop interest in the subject.

Develop a Personal Relationship with the Student:

This is considered to be very crucial and home tuitions will help to achieve this. Any student who has developed a personal relationship with the teacher will share his thoughts with the teacher. This will help the teacher to understand what is actually lacking in the student. For example, a student may tell his home teacher that he always finds it difficult to understand the question. This will help the teacher to address this problem. The simplest suggestion to this issue is to make the student read the question and make him analyze the question.  This will help the student to learn about the art of understanding the question. By developing a personal relationship with the student, the teacher was able to understand the problem faced by the student.

The Role of Parents:

It is the duty of every parent to interact both with the teacher and also student. The home teacher will tell the parents his assessment of the problem plaguing the student. Wherever necessary, the parent can interact with the teachers and get his guidance to make their wards feel at ease and remove the stress and anxiety.

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