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4If you own a website then you need a credible web host that meets all your needs. There are numerous web hosts out there but few offer amazing features. A perfect example of an incredible website is serverclub.com. If you have a website you definitely, also need to have an email account. People will use this to email you regarding your website. They will be able to tell you whether they like it or not, what you can do to improve or how useful it has been to them.

When the server is down the email is down

According to top web hosting experts, it is not such a great idea to host your email account on your windows dedicated servers. Many web hosts offer email account as a free feature to all their clients. However, this is exactly the reason why you should not take them up on their offer. Keep in mind that if your website goes down, your email account will also go down. Imagine that both your site and email are down. How will visitors get to you? How is the web host going to notify you? Clearly, it is a terrible idea to put all your eggs in one basket.

Hosting your email on the server will use more resources

You think the first reason is enough not to host your email on your server, well there are more. If you decide to have an email account with you web host, you will use up nearly half of your resources, which will make your page load slower. In online business, there is nothing worse than a page that loads very slowly. Visitors will move on to the next one and this will kill your business.

You will be surprised to know that Google also tacks the time it takes to load your page. Therefore, if your page is slower than others are, Google will happily send the visitor somewhere else. The main function of your web server is to load your page fast. Anything that interferes with this function is bad for business. However, you have other excellent options when it comes to hosting your email account. The two best options are:

Host your mail with Gmail

Your simplest option for hosting your email is Gmail from Google. It is simple, fast and easy to operate. Hosting your email on Gmail will cost you nothing. Google has invested in the best people to develop this service. This means, you will have peace of mind when hosting your email here. One of the greatest benefits of this email account is that it has over 10 GB of storage space.

Host your email with Rackspace

You can also use Rackspace to host your email account. It has often been said that Rackspace comprises of rock stars. They have an amazing support team, which calls or emails you back with a viable solution when you call or email them with a problem. Their prices are reasonable and you get to be served by happy employees who love to work.



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