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With massive business occupation on the internet, marketers have gotten increasingly focuses in understanding customer’s journey, as well as using data to formulate their marketing strategies. In fact, 86% senior level marketers consider cohesive customer journey is of absolute importance for businesses these days.

However, you may find it difficult to know where to start. If you don’t take necessary actions, your company can face a serious risk. But chances are, you’ve already done your part. Since the start of this year, 90% of the businesses compete for customer experience.

According to search engine marketing specialist Canada, following are phases of customer’s journey:




Following tools have been separated into two categories to keep track of customer’s journey through all these phases:

Discovery & Action Tools


One of the communication hub of Thunder Head is a customer engagement tool that includes three main features:

  • Listen:It allows you to track customer interactions with your brand and marketing. It also gathers insight of their behavior.
  • Engage:Recommendations are made in real-time based on the individual needs of customers that were uncovered in the listen phase.
  • Learn:Instead of guessing customer behavior, this platform helps fine tune your approach to match changing customer needs.


Clarabridge is a customer intelligence platform aiming to help voice of the customers lead the charge for critical decisions and company strategies. The system offers sentiment analytics, surveys and text to aid marketers with making data-informed decisions.

  • This tool collects data from multiple sources
  • It analyzes this information to uncover insights

Clarabridge’s approach seems to focus on informing the entire organization on different data points.This is to help business improve customer’s as well as prospect’s overall experience.

Sugar CRM

Some of the functionality of Sugar CRMincludes:

  • Analytics
  • Relationship Intelligence
  • Social Sales
  • Marketing Automation
  • Content Enablement

Sugar CRM has worked hard to build integrations with popular and reputable businesses that are good at offering specific functionality.

Journey Mapping Tools


Smaply is project based tool with a heavy focus on the development of customer personas. After the creation of persona, you cando these things easily:

  • Visualize the customer ecosystem
  • Map different stakeholders
  • Show the relationships between them.

After completing personas, you can use stakeholder map effectively, mapping personas as well as customer journeys and creating touch points. There are as many as 13 steps to completing mapping in this tool. Eventually, you’llhave a very detailed plan.


If you have a large team, Touchpoint can be a good solution for you. It offers collaboration among teams, allowing you to visualize the customer journey in detail.

You can import existing customer data into the tool so that you can begin your journey and make it more comprehensive.

  • TouchPoint also offers templates to get you started
  • It offers an easy way to edit information
  • You can even share information using this tool.

Once you begin testing mapping, touchpoints can be scored to determine ROI, cost and most importantly, customer impact.

In Summary

Although, collecting data is a daunting task, but the volume of the data is sufficient enough to provide you the real insight about your customers and their demands. These tools will be more than helpful in mapping customer journeys and meet their demands.


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