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The Google and Apple war has been raging for a while now. And both tech heavyweights have been in the limelight of late due to their persistent involvement in android spyware or iPhone spy like behavior. It all seems a little bizarre but it appears as though Apple has managed to snag military style planes that go around taking pictures of everything they fly over. The military style cameras are used to capture the images that help build 3D Map system for the all Apple iOS machines.

Google of course takes the cake with multiple offences, the most recent one involved Google gathering data through open Wi-Fi networks that it’s Google Maps cars came across and ended with a $25,000 FCC fine. But it seems that Apple now wants to join ranks in terms of invading people’s privacy with their newest efforts to knock Google Maps out of the picture.

The maps are going to consist of high resolution images which can highlight something as tiny as four inches while it lies on the earth. Forget the regular iPhone spy applications that can only monitor your phone, Apple’s latest endeavors could end up taking photos of you while you sunbathe on your roof top or even in your backyard. People will have to wonder twice before they hang around their own homes now, because there’s a chance if you’re up to no good people will find out… that too in 3D.

The funny part is that Google only recently released a statement that they’ll be working on 3D maps as well and not surprisingly the Android platform is going to get the first taste. Apple seems to be signaling that it has no interest in playing around with Google’s 3D and this only pushes their perpetual ‘anything you can do I can do better’ mantra. Apple’s news doesn’t really shock anyone since it had previously announced in May that it was kicking Google Maps to the curb and finding a better, hotter alternative. C3 Technologies Poly9 and Placebase were all bought and added to the Apple family for this purpose alone.

Google is scheduled to roll out its 3D by the end of this year and promises an experience like no other. Which is funny because Apple seems to be promising the exact same thing. The real problem though is the lack of regard for people’s privacy that both firms seem to have. Google’s Street View misadventure didn’t sit well with anyone, but that was restricted to lifting data from someone’s computer system; Apple on the other hand maybe going one hand too far  because it goes beyond spying on someone’s cell phone or computer, it’s directly landing in their backyard without even knocking at the front door.

Popular Android spyware and iPhone spy apps have come under heavy fire because they invade people’s privacy on a whole other level of wrong. But in this day and age where there are apps tracking women who party too much and social networking sites selling our information to advertisers, just how important is privacy when it’s in the context of your backyard.

Author: Jane Andrew is a writer and guest blogger of mobistealth with years of experience in tech industry. She loves to write about iPhone spy software and Android spy software. You can also follow her on Twitter @janeandrew01 to get tip and news about cell phone.


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