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The cloud–as we are all well aware–is a massive, physical collection of interconnected information technology servers that are easily accessible by a user through a network, allowing for servers to essentially be outsourced.

We’ve all been hearing about the cloud since 2011, if not before. But do you have a grasp on how the prophecies experts were spouting in 2010 have come true? Check out these stats.

-80% of CIO’s have some form of infrastructure delivered through a cloud network.

-84% of CIO’s who have moved to the cloud have cut down on application costs

-21% is the average amount of annual savings for users who move applications to the cloud

-33% if IT budgets were estimated to be spent on cloud computing in 2013

The predictions of the IT industries best minds in 2011 have all come true in 2014. For more verification and corroboration, check out the infographic below:

Predictions About The Cloud Came True [INFOGRAPHIC]
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