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PR_030-_SI_-_07_06_12-1620If you’re a trucker then life inside the cab has changed for the better over the last few years.   Thanks to the breakthroughs in communications, computing and the boom in mobile technologies the options for keeping yourself entertained, safe and in touch with the people you care to keep in touch with while on the road have never been better.   The great news for truckers is that while technology has improved drastically from the days of small black and white TVs and static filled CB radios the boom is still continuing to make life better.   If you’re wondering what tech based goodies you want to pack into your cab make your life on the road a little easier here are five top tech toys every trucker should have.

Durabook CA10

Topping the list of must haves is a tablet PC designed from the beginning to be the perfect tablet for truckers.  It’s the Durabook CA10 semi-rugged tablet PC.  The 10 inch touchscreen tablet will run all of your favorite windows programs.   It’s waterproof, shock resistant, dust proof and designed to be readable in variety of low and high light conditions this tough touch screen comes with a bar code scanner, magnetic swipe reader and a smart card reader. With an integrated GPS and eight hours of battery life you can mount the thing on your dashboard and drive to your hearts content simply using it as a GPS if you wanted to.   The bottom line is this tablet will take life on the road better than any other one out there.

Escort MobileTV

If you’re the type of person that likes to watch TV in the old school way of watching it as its broadcast then you’ll want to check out Escort MobileTV.   You can watch over the air broadcasts on your iPod, iPad or iPhone once you’ve downloaded the app and connected your device to the tiny portable MobileTV receiver.  It’s easy to set up and you can watch over the air TV without an internet connection or mobile data charges and that is what you’re looking for if you like to watch TV like TV used to be watched.

Cobra 21st Century

CB radios have gotten a serious upgrade by incorporating Bluetooth technology.  If you’re looking for the top of the line model that incorporates all of the todays CB tech advances into one unit then check out the Cobra 21st Century.   The unit includes Bluetooth, full cell phone integration, caller ID, voice announcements, text to speech, weather alerts as well as NOAA weather channels for up to the minute weather tracking.  The bottom line is that with all of the tech advances incorporated into this bad boy it’s not your father’s CB anymore.

Roadmate Commercial GPS

If you’re looking for a GPS that is designed to meet the requirements of your job then the Roadmate Commercial GPS has been designed to give you what you’re looking for.  It’s comes with a number of built in features just for truck drivers such as the driving status log, Bluetooth, and a top notch highly customizable routing system designed to work well with multi stops. They even took the time to put in a Good Sam Campground Directory with route planning.

Endure Bluetooth

If you’re tired of people not hearing what you have to say while you’re rolling down the road then you’ll want to check out the Endure Bluetooth headset.   It’s designed to deliver super clear audio when it’s windy, dusty, wet or just plain old noisy.  It’s got caller ID built into it and its casing is made for people who work for a living so it can take being bounced around without cracking into a pile of useless wires.  It’s made by the people at Bluant Technology.

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