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We have come very far since we first invented the wheel in 3500 B.C.

Where we once used donkeys and mules to pull us on our four-wheeled carriages, today, we are driven by highly mechanized vehicles that offer comfort like never before. In this process of development and growth, humans have surely achieved more than we could then fathom.

Latest Car Tech Features

Much of this development has primarily been led by the new tech features that the leaders in car manufacturing introduce. Although this happens in an attempt to make their car better than that of other manufacturers around the world, they contribute to making the automobile world more advanced than it once was.

Of these features, we took out a list of some of the latest car techs that are cool. So, here they are:

1. Blindspot Monitoring

Every year, around 1.25 million people lose their lives to car crashes. It is not necessary that in each of these crashes, a driver may be at fault. In several cases, the accidents may occur only because the driver could not see it even when they concentrated. This may make up for a blind spot – a spot that may be impossible to see.

The latest tech that helps control this issue is the Blindspot monitoring system. This system alerts the driver when a car may be in the Blindspot zone. The system is usually installed in the side mirrors of the car. The mirror also has a small LED light to highlight the Blindspot. This light would blink to bring the driver’s attention to the Blindspot.

2. Automatic Emergency Braking

Pertaining to the same issue as before, every car needs an effective braking system that can prevent any accidents. Although today, the more expensive cars will come with an Anti-lock braking system, which prevents the car from skidding in case an emergency brake is applied. However, in most cases, an ABS requires that the driver himself/herself apply the brakes. Therefore, if the driver gets in an accident on the Blindspot, the ABS does nothing to prevent an accident.

However, with the advent of the automatic emergency braking systems, this will change. This automatic braking system will ensure that the car will automatically brake if the car sensor judges that the vehicle is going to crash. This means that even if the driver does not see the car, the sensor will apply the brakes. Although this may not prevent accidents, it does minimize the impact.

According to Cbsnews.com, automatic emergency brakes will be the de facto standard in the automobile industry by 2022.

3. Massaging Seats

Whether you buy a car online or from the showroom, the one thing that you would never expect in a car is a masseuse. But with the most recent developments in technology, you find a masseuse. The seats in the most luxurious cars do not only offer seat warming but also massaging.

This is to ensure that you do not develop cervical pains as a result of the long drives. Besides, not only will it prevent any such pains but also cure such pains with their massagers embedded in the system. This is not a luxury but has undoubtedly become a necessity, with an average American spending 18 days in their car.

4. Lane Assistant

No matter how annoying it looks, but drivers will never stop randomly changing their lanes. And as annoying it may be to you, you will find yourself continually shifting lanes without noticing. This means that the issue is in attention, more than a lack of common driving sense.

Car manufacturers, after studying accident patterns for years, have come up with a technology to ensure that these constant lane changes do not occur frequently. This will happen using the automatic lane monitoring system that uses GPS monitoring. So, when the system detects a car moving out of the lane, it will gently move it back in the lane without the driver even noticing.

5. Phone Control

With everything moving on to computer screens and mobile phone applications, the modern car has also moved on to phone applications and screens. Of course, the technology is not yet as advanced to control the driving module of the vehicle, but it still allows several functionalities.

Of the most impressive of these may include starting the car with your cell phone and unlocking its doors. The phone control features with automobiles may even be used to diagnose any issues in the car before starting it. You could also check the pressure in the tires and schedule upcoming appointments for your car.

6. Driver Profile

But apart from all the features mentioned above, that may have a characteristic of a need to them; this feature is all about the characteristic of want. You know how it is a constant struggle to set up your driving seat in the perfect condition, so you are comfortable while driving? Imagine you do that, but then somebody else takes your car out for a ride and ruins the entire setting.

This is the case with cars that are used by an entire household. What do you do to avoid that everyday hassle then? You get yourself the driver profile functionality to have your driving preferences saved. That way, the car will automatically adjust all its settings to give you back the perfect setting that you once had.

This not only saves a lot of your time but also gives you a comfortable driving experience every time.

Final thoughts

While most of these functionalities may still be under development, there is no doubt that these functionalities are astounding. They make the driver’s life more comfortable than it is and with time, the improvement will surely guarantee great driving convenience. However, it must also be said that these features are not found in just any car. The features will be found in some of the most expensive cars that you can find.


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