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SEO Measures to Take Before Launching A Website

If you want to be able to establish a robust online presence for your website or your social media platforms, you need to have a robust digital marketing strategy. There are plenty of strategies that you can incorporate on your online marketing plan so that your business is going to grow because of your efforts.

For example, you can incorporate paid ads in your strategy. Content marketing is also a great way to build brand exposure. No matter what digital marketing strategy you use, you’re likely going to need to learn how to make use of SEO. If you don’t know what SEO is, well, it’s straightforward to understand.

What is SEO?

SEO is short for search engine optimizers. The name itself should give you a clue of what you can expect from SEO. It is the process of tweaking your site or your content or your social media so that it makes it easier to discover on search engines. SEO is essential because it gives you the ability to reach a broader audience that needs your services or products.

If you have a strategic SEO plan behind your digital marketing plan, then you don’t have to pay as much for higher search engine rankings. Instead, for a specific niche, you will have a lot more organic traffic coming in. (NOTE: Organic traffic is website traffic that you get not from paid ads online.)

1. Analyze your current status

To be able to figure out how to create an SEO campaign strategy that works well for you, you need to figure out what you’re working in the first place. You need to dig deep and see if you already incorporated SEO strategies before your current campaign. The reason why you need to look back at your old campaigns is that you might need to rework them.

Perhaps you don’t need to create new content when you have old content that requires a rehashing, and it can fit your current SEO campaign needs.

Collating necessary information about your web analytics is going to help you with the next tip on how to build a successful SEO campaign strategy.

2. Know your SEO goals

At Voy Media Marketing Agency NYC, we emphasize the importance of setting realistic goals. Doing so will ensure that you have a set path to follow. Applying SEO techniques here and there is not going to get you anywhere if you don’t know what you’re aiming for in the first place. Plus, setting SEO goals will also help you figure out benchmarks to let you know you’re on the right path.

Identify which aspects of your website are currently unsatisfactory. Then, figure out which aspects of it can SEO help you with and then set that as your goal.

Remember to set a particular date and time for your goals so that you can track how long it took you and which resources it took to get to your goals.

3. Conduct keyword research

A big part of SEO is keyword research. Keywords are essential because these are terms that your target users are looking for on search engines. These terms are what enable them to discover you. Since there are a ton of them online, you need to find the right keyword for the right time and content and service or product that you provide.

List of keywords

For your entire SEO campaign, you can create a list of at least ten keywords with which your SEO campaign is going to revolve around. These should be keywords associated with your niche or your industry.

Every time you create new content or post on social media, for this campaign, you need to keep in mind these keywords.

Focus keywords

Another strategy for an SEO campaign revolving around keywords would be to dedicate web pages for specific keywords (i.e. “SEO for photographers“) These particular keywords for a web page would be called the focus keyword. Instead of a list of keywords, you need to center around this focus keyword instead.

4. Run competitor analysis

No matter what digital marketing campaign you are on, it would be best if you made sure that you run a competitor analysis to help with your campaign. It will help you inform which wavelength your competition is on and see which aspects you lack in and which elements your competition is lacking in so that you can solve these mistakes for yourself.

5. Audit your website

Now that you’ve got the foundations up and running, it’s time to check and audit your website’s SEO and see a more micro-view of how your website ranks overall. Remember to be patient as these audits can take quite a bit of time.

The key things you need to look for are:

  • Major site issues with SEO
  • Minor SEO issues that are easy to deal with
  • Check content gaps
  • Analyze backlinks
  • Organic traffic opportunities

6. Keep up with Google updates

You need to ensure that you are up-to-date with all of Google’s search engine updates. Since it is the most popular search engine of the Internet, you want to ensure that your site is following the rules of Google’s search engine result algorithms.

7. Produce high-quality content

Content is a great way to incorporate a lot more keywords in your site and to be more discoverable on search engines. However, you shouldn’t post whatever you want on your website and then overload it with keywords. You need to create relevant and high-quality content on your website.


A successful SEO campaign strategy starts with an excellent internal audit before you get to your actionable steps, like keyword research and competitor analysis. All of these tips above are a part of any basic SEO campaign strategy. Therefore, if you’re thinking of launching one now, then you should make sure that you incorporate these tips into your plan.



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