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Windows Dedicated Hosting - Greater Choice For Businesses

Windows dedicated hosting has a lot to offer to users. You can choose from a variety of features such as bandwidth, disk space, RAM, and data transfer. Users may choose short-term hosting plans or look for long term plans for greater cost savings. Dedicated hosting offers privacy and security, as well as a server that is entirely dedicated to a single user. For businesses with intensive requirement for resources, freedom to add applications, need for root access, Windows dedicated hosting offers all the right solutions. For businesses with a preference for Windows OS, Windows dedicated hosting offers many types of hosting plans, that you can select based on the range of factors.

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Among the most common concerns which business have is the security of the servers. To ensure that the servers get a secure environment that facilitates high performance, ideally you would look for service providers with well equipped status centers. The data centers must use anti burglary and other measures to ensure that unauthorized access to servers is not permitted. From surveillance cameras to security guards, many methods are utilized to grant safety for servers. Additional safety measures include building data centers in areas that have no threats of earthquakes and other natural calamities; also, the data centers must be located in areas sufficient power and internet connectivity.

Dedicated IP Addresses

Among top Reasons you might be looking for Windows dedicated hosting is the fact that you have unique IP address for your website. No using the server with other users boosts your website’s credibility among search engines. Also, your emails and communications are less likely to come across as spam. When choosing Windows dedicated hosting plans, you would want to ask about the availability of unique IP addresses, and how many addresses you might be offered.

Windows Dedicated Hosting - Greater Choice For Businesses

Greater Bandwidth

Nothing offers the type of bandwidth that Windows hosting plans for dedicated servers do. If you maintain many websites and are required to create subdomains, look for dedicated servers to fulfill business requirements. Dedicated servers are known for their reliability and richness of resources. After reaching a certain stage of growth, when you wish for greater credibility, security, and less interactions from other users on a shared server, you might look forward to requesting dedicated server from a reputable service provider. You could also choose Windows VPS Hosting for cheaper plans.

Accessible Tech Support

For businesses, nothing is as important as tech support that is easily accessible. You want to ensure that Technical help is available to you when needed. You would ideally want to ensure that support is available on a 24/7 basis. This is one of the key requirements for businesses that need to get maximum uptime. Tech support should be accessible through multiple channels, email, phone or instant messaging.

There are many reasons to switch to Windows Dedicated Hosting if you are using a shared hosting plan. For more credibility, more resources, and greater security, you can choose from a range of hosting plans.

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