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In this age of computers, everything is computerized and it takes a second to search for anything online. So is the case when it comes to disposing off  your old car through some online junkyard company, though that is bound to create confusions for inexperienced people out there.

That is why; this guide has been published, so that totally new customers don’t get deceived by some fraud online car junkyard company, who might take advantage of your naivety. For your own benefit, please keep the following points in mind when trying to get a decent deal for your junk car.

  1. Examine it yourself:

Self-analysis and calculation of your own car is the first step to know where you stand. You want to junk your car in exchange for money, so it is mandatory that you know the exact market value of it. Some companies do offer analysis but you can take help from websites like, Kelley Blue Book, NADA Guide and Edmunds.

  1. Check the Condition:

Next important issue is the condition of your vehicle. It is really critical that you make separate lists of functioning and non-functioning parts of your junk car. Selling off the working parts that are in good condition, would certainly bring you more money.

  1. Pay Attention to Structure:

The structure of the car is also very important as it is recycled by the junkyard companies and can let you earn decent cash. If it’s in good condition and not rusted or damaged, you will get paid more for sure. The more the weight of your car, the higher you earn.

  1. Ensure the Overall State:

Once you have ensured and checked the general state of your junk car and are aware of its worth, you are ready to search online for car removal companies because now you are well knowledgeable about your car.

  1. Complete Documentation:

Another issue that determines the price quote of your junk car is paper work. If you have all the documents pertaining to your car’s ownership, etc. you are bound to get higher offers. Only Donation Lines don’t require documents of any type but if you want to sell your car to a junkyard company, complete documents are imperative.

  1. Bill of Sale:

This bill is very essential as it is a proof of the make, model and VIN of your car. The rules and regulations of the US also require you to have this bill in your possession. There are many online companies that also help in completing paper work of the junk cars.

  1. No History Required:

For selling your junk cars online, history of your car is not an important factor. You will get a price quote in whichever condition your junk car is, whatever might be its make, model or year of manufacture.

  1. Location of the Junkyard:

The location of the junkyard is also a key factor. If the junkyard of your choice is located near you so, much the better. If it isn’t, you can look for someone who offers nationwide service. But make sure, that you get the fastest services possible.

  1. Ensure Complete Payment:

Do not, in any case, hand over your junk car until you have the full payment in your hand. Then, you can sign whatever documents require your signature, collect the bill and receipt and cancel your registration with the state. Have your junk vehicle removed from property tax rolls.

  1. Ask Questions:

Feel free to ask questions from the online junkyard company, you have approached. This would help in eliminating any misunderstandings and ensure a better deal, leaving you completely satisfied.

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