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A Quality Conference Instrument Never Ditches

There are many equipment and machines that allow you to carry out your communication deeds effectively and without any hurdle. Talking about one such platform, Life size Cloud is one of the most robust communication and collaboration instrument available. It allows you to connect instantly that too in high definition with up to 40 diverse users anywhere in the entire world.  Icing on the cake is that may be most of the powerful tools demand special training to use efficiently,Life size has been designed to be as easy and user-friendly as possible. It simply means it eats no time for even the extreme techno phobic users to feel at ease on software.

A Quality Conference Instrument Never Ditches

A Fruitful Option

It is needless to say that Life size cloud video conferencing can turn out to be a fruitful option. Actually, the secret of the ease of Life size Cloud of use is that it got designed from the scratch up to reflect the manners in which people interact in real life. Its user interfaces extremely simple and orderly, and if you want to add people to either an out bound or inbound call, that too is spontaneous.

Easy Availability

Direct dialling, text chatting and meeting scheduling are all maintained, and the software is completely compatible with tablets, laptops and smartphones. Moreover, there is even a browser-based version that one need not to download. And since the email address serves as the video address, a single and simple SRV update can make a person globally reachable for video conferencing.  It is indeed a completely Connected Experience!You must try it out if you are seeking excellence in your video conferences. After all, no matter how skillful your represents are, if the medium of interacting is not effective; the quality of conference can go for a toss.

Ease to its extreme

There are myriad things about this instrument that are wow but among them all; an important asset of Life size Cloud is its extreme ease that extends to administrator side of things. Once you set up and install your Lifesize video system, it mechanically asks you if you would prefer to use it with Life size Cloud. If you answer in the affirmative, your software and hardware are paired to your Lifesize account in a proper procedure.It is only the installation procedure.

Once it is started and running, a web-based administrator console Cater you the detailed reporting and central management, allowing you to access the usage reports, see who is and who is not using Lifesize Cloud, classify calls that have gone through quality issues and much more.  Moreover, since it is cloud-based, the instrument makes for convenient scalability, with the software upgrades installing automatically.  Firewall traversal is encompassed, and there is no need of public IP addresses or NAT.


Thus, the bottom line is that when you are ready with your presentations, your views and points; make sure that your conference instrument does not ditch you. Just rely on a quality platform like life size video conferencing India. Such an instrument will make your conferences absolutely smooth and qualitative.

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