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It is popular belief that only a deity can be “all powerful” and in multiple places at once. That is until the Digital Signage Media Server was introduced to the world, and gave us mere mortals a taste of the omnipotent life. Read on to discover how this commanding diadem is within your reach.

Pure Power

The Digital Signage Media Server is a vigorous solution capable of powering a network of well over 1000 systems.  This privately hosted server permits you total access to some incredible features such as:

·      Run over thousands of Signage Players
·      Manage an unlimited number of accounts
·      Same software as the Media Cloud
·      Self contained plug and play player
·      Receive live server and player updates
·      Works across LAN, VPN, WAN and over the web
·      Direct access to the backend including the database and all web services
·      Optimized OS and web services to deliver the best throughput

Users also get full access to all desktop versions, as well as the Signage Player Web, and many other applications that will access your server for management and presentation playback.

In an article titled ‘How To Get the Word Out With Digital Signage’, the author praises the Digital Signage Server as having all the powerful tools that make it ideal for a company, due to its functionality. It is highly regarded for eliminating a company’s need to resort to mass e-mailings or having hard-edit files or slideshows on multiple machines.

Take Control of the Power

This is not a public cloud, but rather the server software and hardware are purchased and owned by you. Never pay a subscription fee with your self-hosted solution for medium to large networks. You can manage your network from anywhere you go. Also, managing a privately hosted media server delivers top security and independence that many companies require.

Infinite Possibilities 

Staying up to date and utilizing all the modern advancements in technology is key to your success. Digital Signage took this into account when they developed the server to have a sophisticated, fully automated system for all aspects of the product. You will have continuous new features and enhancements, as they roll out onto your network. Furthermore, you will have ultimate control as to how, and when the updates are executed. Access to new, free products will keep you modern and expose you to a wealth of avenues to ensure that your business is successful.

Ordnance and Munitions 

Security was the groundwork is the designing of this system, as it was built first and foremost to serve the Signage business model. Therefore, security is at the core of the product. Client authentication goes through a complex authentication process to guard and protect your content at all cost. Furthermore, all content is certified to give it that second wall of protection. The security system truly is a hybrid of a defense weapon, and a Kevlar vest. It is poised to fight back and protect your valuable infrastructure.

Are You Ready for Omnipotence?

The Digital Signage Media Server is truly the grail to a taste of the omnipotent life for your thirsty business. It gives you ultimate power harnessed by you, and controlled by your hands. You control the panel from any location, and have access to the top tools and products as they roll out and become available. Explore the endless opportunities with the Digital Signage Media Server, and give your business the omnipresence it s capable of holding.


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