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The crystals or double glazing exploit the fact that air is a poor conductor of heat. They are made of two sheets of glass separated by a layer of air or gas, such as argon, which is even worse a conductor of heat than air.

There are different thicknesses for example “4/16/4”, “4/12/4” or “4/6/4”. These figures represent the thicknesses in millimeters of the constituents of a double crystal. For example, “4/6/4” refers to 4 mm for the first glass, 6 mm for the air chamber and 4 mm for the second glass. The greater the thickness of the air chamber, the greater the insulation.

There are also for sale, asymmetric double crystals, for example, “10/6/4″. In this case, the outer glass is the thickest for better sound insulation.

There are also triple crystals, much more insulating but also heavier and more expensive. Greater thermal and acoustic insulation.

The double glass reduces the ” cold glass ” effect, prevents condensation by bringing the temperature of the glass closer to the ambient temperature, and therefore reduces energy consumption by up to 10%. If there is a temperature outside 0 ° C, there will be 5 ° C next to a window equipped with a single glass, 10 ° C next to a window with double classic glass and 16 ° C next to a window with reinforced double glazing.

How much does a double-glazed window cost?

You can buy only double glass, for example, if you want to change a glass yourself. In this case, the cost will be less than 150 euros per square meter (without installation). The price will obviously vary according to the type of glass and its thickness.

As for the cost of a window equipped with a double glazing of standard size (115 x 100 mm), this will range from 150 euros to 1000 euros (without installation) depending on the material chosen (PVC, aluminum or wood).

For the installation of a window by a professional it is necessary to count on a budget of 100 to 200 euros that will vary according to the material and the size of the window.

Triple crystal is 50% to 80% more expensive than double crystal.


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