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Learn The Basics Of Ruby On Rails

Commonly known as the RoR by the programmers, the Ruby on Rails is one of the most popular frameworks that are open sourced. Ruby, which is an object-oriented programming language, uses this framework. Although there are a lot of open source frameworks that are brought in use by the programmers, the major difference between all those and the RoR is related to the speed and simplified usage norms. When a programmer works on this framework, their work reduces to a great level thus making the process easy and less time-consuming.

Since most of the research reports suggest that the every work done on RoR becomes at least 10 times quicker, it is lately becoming the first choice for most of the people. In addition to Ruby, the programming language, there are a few other major components of Ruby on rails as well.

Ø  Mapping layer which is known as the active record is object-relational in nature

Ø  Controller, known as the active pack is something like a manager that helps in viewing and controlling various functions

Ø  Email handler, known as the action mailer

Ø  A set of web services known as the Action Web Services

Ø  Functionality implementer, known as the prototype

One of the major requirements for RoR application is to have a complete support for the Common Gateway Interface, which is known as the CGI. In addition to this, the support areas of the Ruby on rails are spread to areas like Mysql, Oracle, SQL servers, etc.

If someone has just taken up a Ruby on rails online certification, they’d know that this is a great language for the beginners. Although there are many reasons to support RoR, check out a few of these here.

Ø  Ease

The most important one here is the ease. In comparison to any other programming language and Ruby is very easy and thus its application of RoR is easy too.

Ø  Inbuilt services

RoR comes with a variety of inbuilt files and codes that make the work of a programmer very easy. So when you sit down to make a program, most of the hard work would be done by these inbuilt features itself.

Ø  Vast areas of applications

There is no end to what can be done with the RoR and the major reason behind this is the widespread nature of the framework. Since there is so much that you can do, the areas of applications would automatically be huge. Once you take a thorough Ruby on Rails training in San Jose, you’d be able to understand this better.

Be it the websites like Hulu or an array of mobile apps, you can do it all with the help of Ruby on Rails.

Ø  Easy prototyping

If you are working on web applications development where you cannot spend a lot of time, make them on the RoR. For someone who has a good knowledge, it takes only a few hours to prepare an application using the RoR.

Having known the major basics of the Ruby on Rails, take an online course in the same to become an expert.


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