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Have you been stuck in the same job all your working life and now fancy a change? Well it’s something that can happen to many people. Life can become pretty boring if you are still doing the same mundane job you started ten or fifteen years ago and are still not enjoying it. But how do you prepare for a major change into one of the many trades?

One way would be to enroll at your local college on one of the courses they offer in perhaps plumbing or bricklaying in order to gain a recognised qualification. Gain as much experience as you can whilst studying, and if the course is on a part time basis, try and gain further experience by offering your services helping a local qualified tradesman ( or woman) on your free days. You’ll quickly pick up tips and the best way of doing things if you are getting hands on experience on a regular basis.

Another excellent way of learning by other peoples experiences (although not an official way of training) is to look online for tips and hints. You tube can be a great source of information on a huge number of different jobs and many qualified tradespeople willingly upload videos to help others.
You are going to need your own supply of tools to carry out your newly acquired trade, and these can be obtained online from a reputable online trader far cheaper than you would pay at one of the high street outlets. The advantage of purchasing from an online tool shop is that you’ll get some excellent advice both from the site and over the phone if the information you need can’t be found easily. Also, you’ll find that many can deliver extremely quickly meaning you’re not wasting your precious time visiting a shop at the other side of town.

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