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Android app store lets buy without a device

The Amazon Android app store to be launched soon has come up withexciting policies for customers and developers as part of pre-release promotion. Customers can purchase apps in advance and hence, users get to buy apps even before the latest Android device or tablet has been shipped to place.

Android app store lets buy without a device

As for developers, new applications can be shown in every part of the site from the best seller list to search result. Developers can have products displayed on sections like More Items to Consider, New For You, Related to Items You’ve Viewed and more. All this would actually let developers and vendors gain  a more targeted audience. Amazon is indeed trying hard with its algorithms to provide developers more than a spot on its site.

Customers also get the advantage with better reviews and ideas on what to buy. And the advance buy option is interesting as most tablets and devices get delayed while shipping.Moreover, the option resembles one of Kindle’s features that many customers prefer. Whatsoever, no details are yet available on the release of the app store.


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