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Last year Apple revealed the third generation Apple iPad Mini. After the launch of iPad Mini 2 it was clear that this new series is not turning profitable for Apple. And everyone was doubtful if Apple would launch the iPad Mini 3 or not. But finally apple released but again the sales are not in the favor of Apple. And yes now it is confirm we would not see the launch of Apple iPad Mini 4 as Apple has leaked this that we are dropping out the series. But still, iPad Mini 3 is a good tablet if you are looking for the latest configured iOS device.

Apple launched the iPad Mini 3 with the launch of iPad Air 2. Air 2 got the significant changes as compare the pervious version and the similar changes appear in the case of iPad Mini 3, if we ignore the design of Air series. More differences we get on the functionality of the application camera, although the functionality is still very scarce. With the new model iPad Air now has a serial or batch shooting, as well as the ability to record slow-motion video. At the iPad mini, nothing has changed; you will get support for HDR and panorama, as well as video recording time-lapse.

Even under optimal lighting conditions, both the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 give a rattling noise and other similar problems. At sunset – or in similar lighting conditions, such as indoor, – quality will be sufficient only for snapshots, the noise is too noticeable, it affects the overall quality of the image; lack of flash is not happy. By the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3, all the above applies to the full, but each Tablet has its own weakness.

The camera of iPad Air 2 has a tendency to a slight blurring of the image, while the iPad mini 3 immediately draws attention to the dull colors. The same is true when shooting video. Again, good result it is necessary to appropriate lighting. When using the iPad mini 3 Avoid quick movements a, since this will lead to artifacts. In general, both cameras can be called average.

If you want good and details photos from iPad mini 3 then the sufficient light is required. Somewhat better proved front sensor. Apple retains many years at 1.2 MP, which today is only sufficient for video. If the lighting is good, then the quality will be normal, although there is noticeable noise. But for both tablets, unfortunately, it is not suitable.

In the performance section, the iPad Mini 3 does right. Yes the performance is good but not blazing fast as compare to iPad Mini 2. And on other hand, iPad Air 2 is pretty faster and we are expecting better performance from Apple iPad Air 3 but unfortunately we can’t expect the better performance from iPad Mini 4, as it would not be launched.


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