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FRP or fibre glass structures are used in the manufacture of various applications. These are durable and can be used for complex industrial construction processes. This proves better over the traditional alternatives. The products can withstand harshest of environment. The FRP products are often referred to as pultruded products because of the method used in making them. This is an efficient method of manufacturing all sorts of fiber reinforced products. These are safe, as well.

Few Applications used in Industries:

There are few industries that make use of FRP products. The products prove helpful as these are reasonable and cost effective. Once installed, the products do not require much maintenance cost. Following are the application and reason behind the success of such products:

Used in Ladder Rails:

Industries and business infrastructure make use of FRP products as safe elements and eradicate the risk of tripping and falling. Since, ladders are used while working in buildings and trimming trees they may come in contact with electrical wires. Traditional products like aluminum are highly conductive whereas use of FRP is safer since these are resistant to electricity. If by chance a worker comes in contact with an un-insulated wire he or she can escape any sort of injury.

Used as Stair Nosing:

Stairs are places where people fall down. To eradicate the risk of tripping and falling the industries make use of stair nosing. The process includes molding the edges of stair increasing the surface area to place the foot. It also helps in increasing friction of shoe sole with the stair and thus eliminates any sort of risk of falling down the stair. These cost effective alternatives are anti-corrosive materials. There are various commercial areas exposed to harsh environments or chemicals. The anti-corrosive nature of the material makes it suitable to be used in such places.

Floor Grating is a Possible Use:

Risk management forms the basic criteria in any public places. Floor grating is efficient methods that eradicate the risk of accidents or any unwanted situations. Traditional surfaces can be wrapped with fibre glass so that people do not end up falling.  Traditional elements are risky. But these elements provide better grip and clear visibility. The fibre glass makes the surface coarser thus increasing the grip. The product has a fluorescent effect, thus, making it easy to demarcate.

These installations are popular because of several reasons. These are light in weight and can be installed easily. Apart from this the product does not tend to react with any sort of chemicals or water. Unlike traditional elements, these do not get heated easily; therefore, there is no risk of the materials getting discolored. Fibre glass can be molded in several shapes and sizes. These do not undergo any deformities while they are being changed to a desired shape through the process called pultrusion.


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