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It is not possible for anyone to control the weather but you can be prepared. Weather applications are available for all platforms that provide reliable information about the climatic condition so that you can take precautionary measures to remain safe. There are free weather apps available for Android and iOS phones.

What Should You Look For When Installing Weather Apps On Your Smartphone?

When nature is in a bad mood, it helps you to keep an eye what is going on the sky. It is one of the most important tools you must have in Your Smartphone. With so many weather applications available, it remains tricky to choose one for your phone.

Some application will have simple interface while the others will provide in-depth detail information about weather. Here are given few things you must consider to install daily apps on your phone.

  1. It should offer worldwide weather forecast

You should be able to see the current weather condition anywhere in the world. The app should show you the upcoming forecasts for the next ten days. The ease to change location makes it useful for frequent travelers.

  1. Real-time pinpoint forecast

The app should provide accurate real-time weather updates to its users. The hourly forecast should be provided. Users should be provided different filters to see the weather updates they desire.

  1. Lifestyle forecasts

Now a day’s people are more concerned about the changing weather conditions. This can create a negative impact on their daily life. So you must choose an app that features lifestyle forecasts. People should be alerted about the upcoming weather condition whether they can go out for school, office, gym, and work out or not. The information should be reliable so that they plan their day according to the climatic condition.

  1. Interactive maps

The app should provide different weather maps so that users can cross-check to get a better understanding of current weather condition. The map should assist people visualizing the prevailing weather condition.

  1. PulseRad radar and Doppler radar

The pulsed radar technology includes providing users weather information for different locations around the world. The technology provides a trustworthy warning about storm, wind, tornadoes, hail, lightning, and other dangerous climatic conditions. Doppler radar covers North America entirely.

Users living in US, Mexico, and Canada will benefit with this app feature. This latest technology will deliver weather-related all information that anyone can trust.

  1. Weather warnings

The app should provide you weather warnings when there is an urgent weather alert from meteorological department. Make sure you keep them turned on in your Smartphone.

A weather application needs a simple to read interface without making users confused. You should be able to swipe to the right to visit different sections forecast, radar, map and more. Each one should have a separate tab that can customize the view. A vertically scrolling view will be nicer than switching between tons of different tabs.

Little touch will make a difference in usability. A good application should be one that shows everything in one screen with smaller readable text.


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