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A good thing about smartphones is that it helps give us company when we’re alone and bored. We can use it to chat with friends for free, stream videos or watch them offline. We can play amazing games in HD and surf the internet for nonstop entertainment. It keeps us occupied and for a while we forget our busy lives or forget we’re alone.

Apps For Entertainment On The Go

Our phone is our true companion and it can make life entertaining. There are a few must have apps to assure entertainment on the go or even in public to bring life to a dull party. Get these apps now and enjoy your phone to the fullest:

Talking Tom Cat

This app appears juvenile at first but it really can bring life to any party or even if you’re alone this cute, animated cat will keep you company. This app truly justifies the phrase “copy cat” as it lets the animated cat repeat everything you said in a shriller voice which just breaks out a riot of laughter. It’s even more fun in groups where a chain reaction starts.

You can accessorise him with cute clothes and hats, play with him, tickle his belly and stomp on his foot for which he will scold you. Bring this cute cat home and you’ll fall in love with him!


BookMyShow is an app every person should have on his phone. It gives precise information about movie timings at nearest theatres as well gives information about various celebrations of festivals, events sports and plays for which you can book tickets so you can plan a day full of fun activities.

Before making the booking you can read reviews and catch the show timings to never miss a movie. You can book tickets directly from the app to forgo standing in long queues and avoid rush. This app truly makes watching movies a lot simpler.

You can avail exclusive BookMyShow Coupons from to get amazing cash back as well as discounts on your movie trip to make it even more thrilling.

Ditto TV

We all know what a huge part Indian daily soaps play in our lives. We can’t live without knowing what the new twist and plot is, what the big reveal will be, how a character will be written off or come back to life. Through Ditto TV we never have to worry again about missing our favourite shows as it brings the latest shows across 150 TV channels as well as movies which can be streamed online and it plays host to popular TV channels like Zee TV, Color TV, Ten Sports, Times Now and much more so you never have to miss any action again.

Get this app and always stay informed about what goes on in your favourite show or how your favourite team performed!

Earn Talktime

A phone is hardly any fun without balance or internet connectivity. Without proper internet connectivity a phone is as good as dead. Now whenever you run out of talk time or internet you can get it recharged on the go and earn free talk as well. You get to interact with famous recharge brands like Airtel and Paytm but also get to earn free recharge as well as get discounts on shopping and gaming and earn various attractive offers through this app.

You can now also use Paytm Recharge Coupons to avail interesting discounts and cash back on your next recharge to save that extra money and get value for every penny.

Voice Changer

This is a great app to have fun with friends, in a group or even when you’re by yourself to pass some time. You can use this app to record your voice and hear it in different variations such as a helium voice, smurf voice, alien voice, robot voice, chipmunk voice and many more which will keep the laughter coming in nonstop!

Get these great apps to make your phone a hug of entertainment to always find enjoyment in those dull moments of life when you feel you have nothing better to do and let your phone give you a good time!


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