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Are You A Selfie Fanatic? Read These 6 Tips For A Safer Experience!

Selfies are becoming an increasing trend. People are defying laws of physics to capture that perfect selfie. As much as this trend has garnered attention, many people have come out in against to address the dangers this activity poses.

Personally, I don’t take selfies and neither anyone else’s. It’s just the way I am but this post is not about me. It is about those who are sick in selfie craze and while there is a way back to sanity, but not without endangering one’s life, career, rapport etc. I hope to speak such lot beforehand so they can stay safe.

So the next time you switch on your phone camera and take out the selfie stick, you should make sure that you are safe, especially when you take the:

1.     Naughty Selfie

Women, please! Be modest. When you try to too hard to look “naughty” you come off as a horse’s arse. You rely heavily on exposing too much of your breasts. Tell me is this okay? By societal norms, is it acceptable? And to what avail?

Keep your clothes on and you’ll be doing yourselves a favor. Remember the celebrities’ photos leak online, a couple of years back, J-Law anyone? Ok maybe that’s a stretch but you get the idea; cleavage attracts all the unwanted attention.

2.     Selfie On A High Altitude

You don’t get to ask why here, but if you insist I tell you WHY. Because it’s downright STUPID, that why! Selfie clicking while on the railing of a bridge or on the rooftop of a building is by no means sensible. Either you don’t value life and think it’s cheap that you can compromise it for a mere selfie or you’re an idiot, simple.

3.     Selfie While You Are Drunk

I know it’s cool to click several selfies with your pals in a pub drinking after a night of partying but if one thing Hangover series has taught me is that party hard but put a cap on those drinks. I say this because when you are intoxicated you don’t know what you did the night before and wake up regretting.

Even if you don’t want to limit your drinking at least don’t take a selfie. It’s like deliberately broadcasting to the world of your misadventures through Instagram and Snapchat as in the morning it will all be there for your friends and family to see. I especially enjoyed the “Bangkok” reference in Hangover Part II, though.

4.     Duck-Face Selfie

This is akin to animal cruelty. Sooner or later this is going to be registered as a ticket-able offense under state legislation for those who make the duck-face and dare to click a selfie of it. Please stop! There is still time before the regulatory body makes it official.

5.     Selfie With A Weapon

Who would in their sane mind want to take selfies with guns, ammo, knives and weapons of all kinds? I mean what are you trying to project? Dude, do you wish to self-incriminate? But should you choose to persist, my advice, as a contingency plan, get in touch with a good lawyer.

It is because when push will come to shove and mind you it will with your habit of taking selfies around drugs, cash, and explosive materials; at least there’ll be someone to bail you out. But buddy come on! Why would you commit an arrestable offense in the first place?

6.     Selfie Of A Funeral

Oh no, not here! Are you blind in your selfie rage to not even be considerate of the fact that someone just lost their loved one? It’s a good deed you did attending the funeral and showed the deceased and his family that you cared, that you stand shoulder to shoulder with them in their time of distress.

But is it really necessary to prove it to the world by actually clicking a selfie with the casket and pose in the background?

Well, I just hope you take note of the above points and exercise caution.

About Writer: Scarlett Erin is an Electronic Junkie and a blogging enthusiast at She also loves cooking and singing to upbeat tunes. Blogging is just her way of expressing himself to the world.


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