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If we talk about GST then it is a comprehensive tax which will be levied on manufacturing, selling and consumption of goods and services across the nation. GST will subsume the major indirect taxes which are currently levied by the Centre and states governments. This is a landmark reform in the history of the country. It will be unifying the national market while negating the cascading effect of taxes on various goods and services. The impact of this reform can be witnessed in various avenues of the economy. It won’t be wrong to say that the entire taxation system will get restructured post implementation of GST.

The GST is being brought into action with two major aims behind it. These are mentioned below.

  • To restrict the procedure of double taxation
  • Bringing the concept of “One Nation. One Tax”

The GST is being rolled out on July 1, 2017. A very less amount of time is left with businesses to absorb all the information pertaining to GST. In order to help companies, various firms have brought in GST tax calculator which will help businesses in making an estimation of the amount of taxes they need to pay. The best part? You can find some of these calculators online for free. In today’s scenario when there are a lot of rumors going about GST, it is difficult to find a reliable source which will assist you with the correct kind of information. A good GST calculator will provide your business with a host of different kind of benefits. Some of these advantages are mentioned below.

  • Evaluating new costs: A robust GST tax calculator will help in doing the exact calculations which will be extremely helpful in finding out the new costs pertaining to your goods or services. Post-implementation of GST the entire cost structure would change as you might have to pay less or more— depending on the tax slab which is suitable for your category— and in such a situation a strong GST calculator will help you get the correct estimates.
  • Getting prepared in advance: If you are able to get the correct estimates, then it will help you immensely in planning ahead for the future. The revised costs will aid in preparing the various attributes which will assist in making appropriate forecasts. A well-planned action is always a good idea as it reduces the chances of risks. As a tax calculator will give you the correct estimates pertaining to the costs you can use that information to your advantage and then plan your future actions accordingly.
  • Accuracy in the amount of return to be filed: Another benefit which a competent GST tax calculator would bring is that it will assist in giving the accurate amount of return which needs to be filed. Once the GST gets implemented, after the first-month return will have to be filed. By the help of a GST calculator, you will be able to know this amount in advance. Then you can make necessary provisions and plan for it accordingly.
  • Reliability of information: There is no denial to the fact that a proficient GST tax calculator will provide you with reliable information as per the rules and regulations mentioned in the new regime. This means that you will get credible details which will help in the longer run.

A GST tax calculator is really a helpful tool in knowing the monetary value which you will have to shed out once the GST is implemented. A good calculator will give you the appropriate information. This will ensure that you are able to make enough provisions and plans in advance which will help you in transitioning from the existing taxation system to the new regime seamlessly. 


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