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Benefits Of Doing An MBA In India Than Abroad

MBA sounds like the most lucrative professional degree. Students might search for courses after 12th commerce, but once they are done with graduation, MBA is the most popular choice. When you add the tag of abroad to it, the degree becomes more attractive. 

But, do you know doing an MBA in India is no less than doing it abroad if you work hard and get admission to one of the best MBA colleges in India

Several factors need to be considered while opting for a degree. You need to pass an entrance exam, find a good college, manage your funds, get a visa (if you want to study abroad), and much more. While many might appreciate the learning atmosphere abroad over India, there are a lot more factors that will surely convince you about India. Even the learning atmosphere is better in IIMs and other top campuses. 

It Is Affordable Here 

Most of the top MBA colleges in India will offer you quality education at lesser fees than abroad. Living and food expenses are also quite low in India. 

Moreover, the Visa process is also extremely expensive. When you study in India, such things don’t bother you at all. 

No Visa Hassles 

Visa processes are quite complicated when you are thinking of study abroad. You don’t need a visa in your own country which is obvious but will seem like a great relief when you study the visa process. 

It feels bad when you get admission to your dream school but don’t get the entry pass to the country. 

No Cultural And Language Crisis 

While it may sound obvious, isn’t it a really important thing to consider? Well, you might not agree until you visit a different country. 

While it may sound exciting to visit another country and learn a new language and culture, it can be extremely frustrating at times. 

Moreover, while getting a job after you complete your degree, your network and connections can be quite helpful and you will miss that in a foreign land. 

Better Understanding Of Indian Business

Some people find easy courses after 12th commerce so that they can prepare themselves for an MBA. Many of them are so serious because they need to gain the skills to handle a family business or start a new one. 

In such a situation, an Indian college or university will give you a better understanding of the Indian market. While one might say that every business is going global nowadays, we know that stronger roots grow better flowers. 

You Can Get Admission To Top B-Schools Without Any Experience 

Going abroad and studying in a not so popular B-School is not going to help you in any way. However, if you want to get admission to top universities and colleges, you need work experience of 2-3 years. 

This is not the case in India. You can get admission to the best MBA colleges in India with zero work experience. Though colleges will prioritize people with experience, there is no rule that you can’t get admission without experience. 

Better Placement Opportunities 

Leaving aside the most famous Harvard business school, university of Pennsylvania, London business school, and others, where companies are ready to hire you once you complete your degree, most of the foreign B-Schools don’t promise placement. 

When studying in India, most of the colleges will help you find a suitable job according to your skills. Campus selections are quite common in Indian universities. 

Good Salary Package

Though the salary package of top B-Schools abroad is quite higher, most of the colleges will not return the best on your investment. The salary package will not satisfy you after such a large investment and so many hassles. 

In India, all the good colleges will help you get a salary package enough to lead a luxury life. Thus, even after spending less, you get a very attractive package. 

There is no greater satisfaction than being connected to roots and staying close to family. Studying in India will come with this big benefit. While studying in both India and abroad have its pros and cons, the benefits of studying in India are better and greater. 


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