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best sales force automation software

Some years ago, the only aim of sales force automation platforms was to save sales reps from routine paperwork. Nowadays the software of the kind has a wide range of functions and tools designed to help members of sales departments sell products and services, collaborate with buyers and partners, and, finally, increase the overall revenue of the business.

It is a challenging task for modern companies to choose the best sales force automation software. There is a great choice of CRM-oriented platforms, which has its own features. One of these systems is bpm’online – the cloud-based software aimed at automation of daily tasks salespersons and managers. The platform is suitable for companies of all types. It includes a comprehensive set of tools, which help businesses improve their sales performance and gain the upper hand in the area. If you want to get additional information about bpm’online, please, visit Here, you can get detailed information about the system, its core features, contact the company’s representatives, as well as try the free version of this software.

Key Features of the Best Sales Force Automation Software

First, before you start looking for the necessary SFA solution, think about your company’s objectives. Obviously, the system you are going to implement should have all the tools your business needs. Make sure, your software will automate all the routine tasks of your sales department. If the chosen platform does not have the features you’d like to implement, do not hurry to buy it. It’s much better to dedicate some time to searching for and selecting a right software than purchasing the one that does not meet all your needs. Remember that the best sales force automation software is the one, which is able to meet all your requirements.

Second, you should remember about the systems and solutions you are already using. The new platform must be compatible with other computer products. Besides, it is important to know how to integrate the data within the chosen software. Study the way the selected platform works, make sure all the members of your sales department will be able to implement and use it, and have a look at the user reviews – often they are very helpful.

When hunting for the best sales force automation software bear in mind your sales reps. Make sure you will be able to customize and shape the software around the way you sell. Flexibility is a very important feature of SFA systems – most businesses choose the platforms that can be modified and updated with no need to ask technicians for help. Another aspect you should pay attention to is scalability. If necessary, you will be able to expand or, on the contrary, narrow your operating area – this is a significant feature of reliable solutions.

What Questions to Ask When Choosing the Best Sales Force Automation Software

So then, you’ve come down to the point of opening a discussion with the vendors of the chosen SFA software. In order to learn as much as possible about the platform you are going to implement, take the following pieces of advice:

  • Ask the vendor about other businesses using this system. For example, you can ask the vendor to show you the companies from your industry, which have implemented the same technology. Or you may focus on the organizations that – just like you – have long sell cycles and look at the way they’re selling. In any way, all this will help you understand, whether the chosen SFA solution will really help you sell your products and services.
  • Make sure that the best sales force automation software will help your salespersons work more effectively. Here, you can ask a solution provider to show you how the chosen platform will allow you sell more products. How the software will allow your company sell the same amount of products or services at a higher price or get profit at lower costs. Ask the vendor to show you corresponding tables, diagrams or charts – as a rule, they are more eloquent than the generalized description of the platform.
  • Ask the vendor if you can use the free version of the software. It is the most convenient way to check if the selected system meets your needs. Look through all the features and functions of the SFA platform. Make sure, you’ll be able to use it for your tablet or smartphone. Try to integrate some data. Can the system operate fast enough? Will it be suitable for your sales reps who work outside the office? Are there any inconveniences in this solution? If everything is all right, you can purchase the chosen sales force automation software without any qualms – and be sure that you’ve selected the best solution for your business.


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