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As a parent I know, it is a terrible feeling when you know you are unable to protect your child. Especially when the threat is in the virtual form coming from a measly smartphone which you had gifted to your child. But now parents everywhere are taking the benefit of technological advances like spy message apps to keep a check on the devices of their children.

The Best Sms or Spy Message Tracker For iPhone For Your Child

What are the usual expectations of parents from a spy message app?

Nearly all spy message apps have the general features of tracking the target phones location, access to the pictures and videos of the device and also the text messages. But apart from these features parents expect the app to be

  • Easy to use
  • Quick and easy installation
  • One app solution to all needs
  • Cost affordable
  • Invisible to the eyes of the target device user

Following are reviews for some spy message apps which can be considered for installation in your child’s iPhone keeping in mind the expectation of a parent from such an app.

mSpy: This is yet another very cool sms tracking app. Apart from the regular features, it has the most beneficial feature for a parent. It has a feature called the Geo fencing. With the help of this feature the parent can keep a track of the whereabout of their child and know whenever they cross the virtual boundaries preset on their smartphones. It has all the basic features of a spy message app  and then some like

    • Sms text and call spying
    • Location tracking through GPS
    • Keeping track on the websites accessed by the target device
    • Multimedia sent and received by the device including all pictures and videos through SMS and MMI

The special feature of this app is that you do not need to have an access to the target phone to use the app. You can also keep a track of the applications installed in the device and if bad comes to worst; you can also remotely uninstall the application you feel is harmful for the child. This spy message app is incredibly easy to use and install and works completely undetected in the background of the target device.

Highster mobile app: Another preferred app for iPhone users, this app comes with all the regular features of a spy message app. So now you will ask me what makes it different from the other apps. This app has a special feature where you can keep a track of the social networking activities of your child on sites like Facebook and Twitter with his/her iPhone. Nowadays, such sites play an important role to form the basic characteristic behavior of your child. So I feel it is highly critical to stay up to date with his social networking friends and followers. This app also provides with extra features like remotely locking the phone and remotely blocking of installation of unnecessary apps.

FlexiSPY spy message app: Flexispy is one  of the topper on the list for spy message app for iPhone. And as a parent if you want the best to care for your child then this is the app for you.

ikeymonitor, with spy message free 3 day trial: The ikeymonitor app comes with a spy message free trial for 3 days during which you can decide if you want to have a subscription version of the same or not. The special feature of the app is its ability to track every key that is typed in the target device. Because of this feature parents can have an access to all the passwords that the child uses through the device.

As they say everything is fair in love and war so it is perfectly acceptable if the parents want to spy on their children’s smartphone for their own safety.


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