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Well, many people may not know how to get the best out of the ductless heat pumps in the cold climates. They are indeed a great option for your cooling as well as heating needs. The below are some useful suggestions on how you can get the best house heating with ductless mini-split.
Lessen the load and size it correctly for low temperatures
Firstly, you need to reduce the energy use and improve thermal envelope of structure in order to minimize the size that you will need. It is important to note that the output of the heat pumps drops with the dropping of outdoor temperature.
It is also important to note that the heat pump can’t just instantly bring cold house up to a specific temperature. For instance, you can set its temperature to 60 degrees when your house in not occupied temporarily.
Prevent your outdoor unit from Snow
In countries that receive snow, the outdoor compressor unit should be mounted at minimum 2 feet above ground. You need to protect it well by a cover or roof. However, take care that it doesn’t restrict the airflow but keep the snow away from it.
When the evaporator happens to get plugged with snow, it can greatly reduce performance of heat pump. If the evaporator is located such that the snow can be sucked in it, the compressor will spend substantial time in melting the snow rather than heating your house. So, be particular about the position of your outdoor unit.
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Mount the indoor unit low
The interior unit is recommended to be mounted around 18 inches off your floor. Plus, it must also have a clear shot in the living space. Mounting the indoor unit low can be very beneficial for heating. It operates with great efficiency since it pulls the cool air to warm up your space.
Plus, the warmed air that is blown out gets mixed with cold air at your floor level. The air doesn’t get blown directly on the occupants that may cause discomfort in winter. It can even be easier for you to access filters in order to clean them.
Some other important Considerations to get maximum efficiency
The interior as well as exterior units requires minimum 15 feet of the piping to make sure that there is no noise that can transfer from compressor to inside unit. Even the greater lengths of the tubing are allowed. However, it will greatly depend on the manufacturer.
When it comes to the cold climates, the heat pumps require striking balance between lower operating temperatures and efficiency. This is generally measured by a term called HSPF (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor). The warmer the climate around you, the more weight should be put on the efficiency side of equation.
To wrap up, if you follow the above suggestions, you are surely going to benefit from your ductless systems for many years to come. So, bring them and let it be your best energy efficient choice this winter!


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