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SEO stands for search engine optimization. Search engines are software systems that search the Internet to find information. When you type in a request for something like “affordable dog collars” on Yahoo! or Google, the search engine goes to work scanning Internet web pages for the information you seek. Just based on that search, the engine will come up with thousands of possibilities for you to choose from online retailers selling dog collars to articles titles “Top Ten Affordable Dog Collars.”

Do I Need An SEO Expert?

Finding Keywords:

A search engine tries to find keywords in articles and other resources online and SEO experts now how to make it SEO friendly. Therefore, in order to get more page views, a writer with SEO in mind, will try to use certain keywords to attract the search engine based on what you might type in your search. Using the above example, a company selling dog collars might use the keywords “affordable dog collars” because that is something people looking to buy dog collars might search for on the Internet. And because you have entered those keywords into your search, it increases the odds that this company’s website will appear in your list of results and that you may visit and purchase the dog collar that you need.

Why is SEO important for me?

As mentioned above, SEO is all about attracting viewers, or potential customers or clients, to your website. It is important for your company that when someone enters a search for something you sell that the search engine directs them to your page. SEO can be a great tool when it comes to marketing your company and reaching your core audience. Marketing companies like 2marketing employ SEO experts that can point you in the right direction when it comes to search engine optimization.

Utilizing SEO

Writing for SEO can sometimes be tricky. Simply stuffing keywords into an article on your website is not going to work. Search engines are now too smart for that. Today, programmers have calibrated search engines so that they can tell the difference between junk articles overstuffed with keywords and a good article on a legitimate website. That is why it may be a good decision to use a person or service that is familiar with SEO and can utilize it properly to get you the best results. These experts have the knowledge that you may be lacking when it comes to this Internet tool.

Marketers and writers that know how SEO works are better able to identify and correctly use the keywords that will attract the most people to your website. And page views can mean more business for your company. A great SEO expert can make the difference between a search engine directing viewers to your site or completely missing out on your intended audience.


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