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Bosch Thermotechnology is smarter way to heat and cool your home, Ervin Cash the President and CEO of Bosch Thermotechnology North America said, “With more than 45 years of combined expertise in geothermal heat pump manufacturing, the union of FHP and Bosch under the Bosch brand name represents a new era in geothermal technology for the United States. From our geothermal heat pumps to condensing tankless water heaters and solar thermal water heating technology, a full suite of high efficiency heating, cooling and water heating products can now be found under the Bosch umbrella. These offerings represent substantial cost savings for the consumers when paired together or as a stand alone solution as well as a new revenue stream for HVAC professionals who carry the Bosch line.”

Bosch Thermotechnology North America offers energy proficient heating and cooling systems. A part from this, it also provides advanced quality solar thermal systems as well as water heaters for homes and industries. Bosch Thermotechnology systems work with inimitable floating base pan and discretionary compressor blanket which makes it quiet to operate and utilizes green technology in the heating and cooling systems to present an environment friendly scheme. Bosch Thermotechnology is carbon dioxide free and it not harmful to environment, heating and cooling systems of Bosch Thermotechnology are energy efficient and you can save up to 70% from energy bills. The best thing about Bosch’s geothermal system is that it is comfortable and flexible so that one can run it according to the environmental conditions.

Geothermal heating from Bosch Thermotechnology provides best way to heat up the places; Energy star has licensed the new Bosch line.  Bosch product line has three categories i.e. Geo 1000, Geo 3000, and Geo 6000, all the three categories offers a extensive range of water to water and water to air comfort results for customers and HVAC professionals to provide them heating and cooling systems according to the capacity of residence.

Bosch aims to provide an effective as well as efficient system to people; that’s why Bosch launched its new geothermal product line for US market in order to present an energy efficient system.


Bosch Geo series high efficiency heat pumps


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