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Today’s globalized world is increasingly moving towards higher and higher competition. Whatever kind of business you are operating in, you have got to ensure that consumers are well acquainted with your products and hence you have a good brand positioning in the minds of the consumers.

Promotion is best done when consumers always have your product in mind and hence use it off and on, whenever the need arises. So, what is the best way to make consumers remember your brand name? People usually come up with the most obvious and not necessarily effective answers such as advertisement. The use of Bic pens is a much more innovative option! A pen, although immaterial, is something you would always need. Also, if you can get your brand name in the hands of the consumers, there can’t be any better marketing than that!

What Are The Bic Pens?

Nowadays we are all very used to doing our work with ball point pens, all the more reason for companies to advertise their brand names on these pens – ever wondered what their origin was? How these ball pens were formed? This happened through constant evolution from the simple writing on the rocks to the animal quills and animal hair brushes to finally the now famous ball pens.

Then came an age where the Bic pens lost most of their importance because of the introduction of flight. This was so because these pens started to leak in the flights because of low air pressure. This called for an introduction of a different variant of the Bic pens. The inventors thus came with a newly developed product with an advanced tip of the pen. These new and advanced pens had a kind of a ball in them which could also act as a socket. With this, the ball points came into vogue again.

What Varieties Are Available In Bic Pens?

Extremely versatile, the Bic pens are available in a number of colors which are different from the traditional black and blue pens. Moreover, they are perfectly designed which gives them an edge over other types of pens. You may note an elliptical barrel in these pens which gives them a good look along with the chrome accents that they come with.

These are perhaps the best choice to make when you are looking for a promotional tool as these will be used by the customers almost immediately. Being a useful item, the pens are in constant use and also change hands among people which increases the likelihood of the product being advertised effectively. A research has further revealed that pens change hands at least eight times- all the more reason for you to use Bic pens to publicize your product!

So, you know what to do next time- whether it is a sheaffer pen or Bic Promotional Pens, use them to your advantage and see your brand achieve heights!


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