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With the increasing electricity prices adequate lighting is getting tough. Halogen bulbs take much more electricity than a normal led bulb. More and more people have stopped using the custom halogen bulbs and are converting to LED. They have much more lighting applications and are more earth friendly to traditional halogen lamps.

LED stands for light emitting diode and they are a fantastic way for a source of lighting. They consume half the energy as there predecessor and have vast applications. Whether you have to illuminate a large outdoor area or just lit up a room LED flood lights and lamps are very energy efficient and much long lasting than a conventional halogen bulb. LED lights are used for many purposes

  • Home interiors and exteriors,
  • Holiday decorations
  • Outdoor events

If you are playing sports at night you can use LED lights to illuminate the sport court by using flood lights. You can install them around a basketball hoop to illuminate it in the night or tennis poles for evening matches.

Types Of Bulbs:

There are mainly two types of bulbs which are used as flood lights for outdoor application and indoor for room lighting applications:

  • Halogen lights
  • LED lights

LED lights last up to 50 times more than a halogen light. The only drawback for LED lights is that they cost more than a halogen light. But the long life of the LED’s compensating the initial high cost and it’s an only one time investment. Another type of LED is the solar powered LED. Solar power LED is usually used for outdoor purposes. They are a bit more expensive than the normal LED but they are much more energy efficient and money saving. Using the solar LED can save your money on electricity as you will not have to buy the electricity connection for it. The solar panels save the sun light in the morning and produce electricity which then are stored in high power batteries which provide the power for night use.

Disadvantages of LED light:

The disadvantage of using an LED flood light that it produce a light that looks a little bluer than the conventional yellow light of a halogen bulb. This can be a little harsh for some people’s eyes. The same goes for the LED strip lights which are used in holiday decorations. Both of these can alter the illumination of the area that is being lighted up.


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