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Acer re-entering the U.S. server market

Acer has released a line of servers and storage products for the U.S market. With the aim of reinvesting in the market, the fourth top PC-maker in the states will now manufacture server products using third party makers. Acer earlier had a strong hold in the server market which had diminished in recent years. Now, the re-launch aims to increase the support and service capabilities Acer has with a better supply of services.

Acer re-entering the U.S. server market

Acer has re-entered the market with network attached storage products,a tower rack, blade system, and specific cloud computing devices. To be sold through channel partners, these systems will range from $721 for a tower to $10,499 for storage.To add-on, Acer will be providing ‘option kits’ which are additional memory, hard drives and other components.

Proposing to build and deliver services that have better performance, the re-launch of Acer in the server domain in the U.S economy is significant. This time,however, Acer has a more focused and oriented market to concentrate on.


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