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Building Job Boards As A Career

Are you looking to choose a career which will help other people set off their careers? Then building a job board using webJobsis the best option for you. Using software, you can create your own jobs website which can then be used by thousands of graduate students to land their dream jobs. Here are a few tips that can help you go the right way, if you are new to the process of creating a job website.

Do Your Homework

This sounds painfully obvious and simple, doesn’t it? Strangely, many people who do create job boards have no idea of which industry or sector their job website will be focussing on. Doing the right kind of research will give you an insight into who are your competing jobs websites. It will also give you an idea of how they are going about their work. How is your competition targeting the industry?

Don’t look at the big career posting websites which have their fingers in all the possible job markets. Your target is the niche job website which focuses only on one or two particular related industries. That’s the one to go for.

Focus On Your Targets

On all your target pages, your tagline or keywords should be mentioned. Make sure to repeat this religiously for the best results. This line should be an instant description of what your website is about. For example, if your focus is on clerical jobs, then your tag could be something like “Search for the best clerical jobs”.

This has a twofold benefit. Firstly, it allows users to understand the focus of your website. It also gives you higher search rankings on Google.

Building Job Boards As A Career

Go Slow On The Releases

When you are planning to release the pages of your job board, using tools like webJobs, make sure that you roll them out slow and steady. For example, don’t go from zero pages to ten thousand pages over a night. That will overwhelm Google and also make it look like you are spamming them. To prevent what looks like suspicious activity, release your content at a constant flow. This will also show that your content is well thought and not hastily put together.

Have A Mobile Version

This is the age of smartphones. Everyone accesses the Internet on their mobile phones. If you don’t create a responsive mobile version of your job boards website, then you will be unable to tap into the huge market of mobile Internet and smartphone users. Almost one out of three users utilize mobile internet. This is one bandwagon that you should jump onto without delay.

The Right Headers

Another way of boosting your traffic as well as your search engine rankings is by using the right headers. Always make sure that your headings correctly reflect the content of your website. Don’t just place it somewhere on the home page. Correct positioning will help the visitors and also boost your search engine rankings in Google.

Don’t Have Too Many Categories

If you are just starting out your career as a job board builder, then don’t have too many categories. This will confuse job posters and deter them from posting on your website. If you focus on specific content, then they will post knowing that they will cater to a niche market.

It will also deter users from visiting your website if they know that there are too many confusing categories.

If you are starting out then don’t be discouraged by the challenges. Keep going and your job board will definitely be a success.

About the author: Tamara Grayson is a website developer who is currently building her own webJobs job board. This will cater exclusively to web designer related jobs. Tamara loves visiting museums in her free time.



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