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Are you hunting for best notebook and you live in India, Don’t Worry! This article will surely help you to choose your notebook. It is the list of Top 5 notebooks in India which is collected by much market research, and the criteria are selected of best-selling notebooks. So let’s take a look at those 5 best notebooks in India.

Apple MacBook pro 15

One of the most important members of best 5 laptops in India’s list, Apple MacBook is the latest laptop. The elegant style of this laptop along with outstanding specifications makes this the most popular one. It has NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M graphics card with 1280*800 LED display, 750 GB hard disk capacity and 1 GB video memory. Other than these, it has 3 USB ports, Bluetooth, webcam, Wi-Fi, HDMI port and backlit keyboard. All these features are available in about $1800. The reason for it being that much expensive is the quality it provides with its great features.

Acer V3 Series

The picture tells everything! It is great notebook made by Acer and it is in the list of Best 5 notebooks in India. The reason behind it is its affordable price and fully packed notebook with great features for pure entertainment purpose. If we look at processor than Acer said:

Dell Studio 14

It is the most popular Dell notebook in India because of its excellent features with a lot customising options during purchase. This smart notebook can be leaved simple or can also be changed into powerful multimedia notebook. Let’s take look at its key features:

So now you have looked why it is listed among the best 5 notebooks in India?

HP Pavilion DV6 (1211AX)

This notebook has some features which are really impressive for notebook users and by these features it is listed among the best 5 notebooks in India. These features includenot heating of notebook’s CPU even with much heavy work load, Great gaming experience at low price etc. Let’s take a look at its specs which comes at affordable price:

Other than these great specs it also have 3 expansion slots for card readings and have internal SRS premium sound with Alteclansing speakers. The software bundle which comes as factory installed is:

Dell Inspiron 14R Turbo

Dell inspiron notebooks are the most selling laptops in world because of their price affordability and full customising options. Dell inspiron 14 turbo is the list of best 5 notebooks in India because of it is the most selling laptop made by Dell and it’samazingcustomising options by Dell at low price. It is the best laptop for students or multimedia use, well it all depends on the options of Dell inspiron you choose. Now let’s take a look at technical specifications of Inspiron 14 turbo:

These specs clearly show the customising ability of Dell inspiron 14 turbo.

This article is about the best 5 notebooks in India, and it highlights the major specifications of selected 5 notebooks.


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