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New Technology That Makes Completing Creative Jobs Easier

It’s impossible to deny that technology and creativity go hand in hand. A fictional innovation from a creative mind can be a functioning gadget when used by someone technologically inclined. The same is true in reverse: whenever a company releases hardware or software, new and creative uses are found which save enormous amounts of time for people who work under deadlines. Here are some new gadgets that are saving some time for creative professionals.

If you can Dream it, you can Print it

The 3D Printer is a new creative advancement, and its implications are limitless. How limitless? Recently, NASA contracted the creation of a 3D Food Printer. So, they are building a prototype that can “print” pizza in space. That’s a game-changer that any creative professional could use.

New Technology That Makes Completing Creative Jobs Easier

Draw Right into your Hard Drive

Another piece of technology is the touch screen panel PC. The creative application of a touch screen panel PC is similar to that of a tablet, but these machines are much higher powered, having the same processing ability as desktops of a similar price. You can draw into an image creator/editor with no lag, allowing you to be as precise, and detailed as if you were drawing it on paper—and without all the hassle of having to scan in your work at the end!

Never Forget your Best Ideas

Creative people often spend hours in a day trying to recall something they thought up in a dream, because it’s well known that dreams are a great source of pure, unadulterated imagination. Well, thanks to the creation of Shadow, an app designed to wake you as you enter the hypnopompic stage of your sleep cycle—this stage is when you are most likely to remember your dreams. True, this may cause some sleep deprivation, but a great creative idea will certainly earn you a well-deserved nap in afternoon.

Data Storage Options make it impossible for you to Lose your Creative Progress

The Cloud. Years in the making, it’s now possible for any creative project you work on to be automatically stored on a hard drive in the sky—no more “drive full” notifications and slow speeds from drive lag. Not to mention all the time you save from simply not losing your work while it’s in progress from sudden computer failure.

It truly is a new world for creative types, and access to these features is sure to help that new world be a less tedious one.


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