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Apart from hiring a company for carpet cleaning in Twickenham to deep clean all of your carpets at least once a year, during the rest of the time you should regularly clean your carpets and rugs in order to maintain a nice and healthy environment at home and in order to prolong the lives of your carpets. This is especially true if you are just moving in a new home and don’t want to invest into carpet replacement just yet.

Before you move all your furniture and belongings to your new home make sure that it is clean. Use the advantage of having empty rooms to clean all floors and carpets thoroughly.

Even if your landlord or the previous tenants assure you that everything is spotless, and no matter if you are the first tenant of a new home, it is always advisable to make sure that you are moving in a perfectly clean and safe environment.

The carpet may have accumulated quite a bit of dirt and dust from building materials, or from people entering the home with dirty shoes on.

Take the time to hoover your carpets slowly and thoroughly and also steam clean them if you have a home carpet cleaning system. You can use a broom or brush to sweep the carpets with short strokes, in order to lift up the fibres and help remove the dirt, then hoover everything slowly and carefully to catch as much dirt and dust as possible.

For natural odour removal you can sprinkle baking soda on your carpet and let it sit for an hour or more, and after that hoover up all the baking soda. Any unpleasant odour will be gone, and you will immediately notice the difference in the air freshness and quality.

After that you can proceed with moving the furniture and your belongings in.

If you see stains on your carpet, try washing them with a water and white vinegar solution, or use another stain remover, but always test it first on a small hidden spot on your carpet.

This is the perfect moment to rent a carpet washing machine, or steam clean with your own steam cleaner and the appropriate detergent. An even better and most efficient way to ensure that your carpets are perfectly cleaned is hiring a carpet cleaning company to do a deep clean with professional machines and cleaning solutions.


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