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When a customer enters your establishment, there are three initial points of contact by which they judge their experience. The first is the atmosphere of the room, which involves having your dining space well-lit, clean and busy. The next point of contact is the server, who might bring bottles of water to the table and offer your customers their menu for the evening.

The menu, the third point of contact, is the first chance your customers have to look at the sort of fare you’re offering and should neatly fit the overall aesthetic of your establishment. For example, if you’re operating a high-end Italian restaurant, your choice of font, paper and presentation ought to communicate the overall feel of cucinanobile, whereas a country pub dealing in meat pies and beef stew may be more inclined towards straightforward, waterproof menus unlikely to be damaged by intoxicated patrons or spilled ales.

Printing Your Menus

Providing a professional, high-quality menu for your patrons generally means outsourcing the job to a menu printing company rather than doing it yourself. A dedicated printing company will have access to a wide range of inks and papers so you can choose which combination of the two best suits your restaurant, bar or café. You want a high-quality menu printed on good paper.

Good printing companies are versatile and will have a variety of products and services including, but not limited to, the menus you’re after. Look for printing companies that offer such services as mug printing, branded clothing and business cards. Although you may not be after novelty gifts or restaurant merchandise to sell at the moment, the versatility of a printing business is a reliable indicator of its quality. Its employees will have a wide range of printing experience and should be able to cater to your specific needs and make recommendations for paper, ink and menu layouts based on said experience.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting sounds like something done in a Star Trek episode, but it’s a real, literally cutting-edge technology used by printing companies who have invested in the best possible consumer experience. A laser cutter is more precise than the sharpest physical blade, and a printing company offering laser cutting and engraving is one well worth your consideration. Printing companies that use laser cutters are indicating to their customers that they are forward-thinking and embracing of new ways of doing things, always looking for the best possible customer experience and refusing to rest on their laurels.

Customised Care

When approaching a printing company with your ideal menu in mind, it is of utmost importance to use one that is capable of collaborating with you on choices regarding materials, menu size and the design and layout of your menu. Established businesses with years of experience can bring the image in your mind’s eye to life, and will be able to come up with creative solutions and applications for your menu. For example, when asked to produce a business card resembling carbon fibre, one printing company based in Bristol opted for gloss lamination, with the end result being a weighty, attractive business card resembling real, resin-bound carbon fibre.

Using a printing company for your menus means your business will benefit from the expertise and experience they have to offer, providing you with a superior product guaranteed to keep your customers happy.


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