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Most companies prefer to treat their employees for their hard work through company picnics. However, this type of event usually causes a lot of stress for caterers because there are many aspects that caterers must consider. To help your event be more successful and less stressful, here are some tips.

  • Prevent insects and bugs from contaminating the food

It is highly likely that the guests would want to do the picnic outdoors. Think of how you will be able to keep out bugs and insects from the food and guests. Purchase mosquito nets, citronella candles, food covers, and repellant devices to use on the day of the event. Place these devices around the venue. Keep out yellow jackets from pestering the guests by placing strips of meat at a far distance, and out of reach of children and pets.

  • Ensure a comfortable venue

Soon, temperatures will rise as you welcome the summer season. As such, it is recommended to use tents, blankets, or umbrellas to protect guests from harmful UV rays. Tents and umbrellas will also help in preventing food spoilage. Never ever expose condiments or dairy-based foods to the sun or else risk the guests to make a run for the toilets!

  • It is important to know the profile of the people you will be feeding

Make sure to ask your client on who will attend the event. If this is a group of big men who work outdoors then they may want to enjoy a hearty meal composed of meat and potatoes. If your guests are mostly women, they may want to have a lighter meal. If the company wants to promote a healthy lifestyle, you should create a menu that doesn’t have heavily fried foods or very sweet desserts. You may want to forego on serving hamburgers and hotdog sandwiches. These food items are also more expensive in terms of the ingredients and condiments involved.

  • Look for a location that will suit the client’s activities for the day

Company picnics definitely wouldn’t be complete if fun games and activities are not included. You should select a location that will allow the guests to enjoy their food comfortably and have enough space to enjoy each other’s company. Make sure that refreshments are available in the menu that will be served in between the activities.

Besides weddings, your trusted caterer can also help you organize the best company picnics! If you are looking for a caterer that will serve good food and drinks in your next company picnic and will make it double the fun, get in touch with an experienced and reputable catering company near you.

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