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Traveling has never been easier, especially for people who own an Android smart phone. And if you think these modern gadgets are only good to make phone calls, you’re in for a surprise! Provided you’re familiar with the best apps for traveling, you can save much time and energy while out there exploring the world.

8 Must-Have Android Apps for Travelers

In case you don’t know exactly where to start, this post will present you to the 8 Android apps that every traveler should install into their phone. Most of these are free to use, so make sure to open the Android marketplace right away, and you’ll soon realize the true power of your Android.

Skyscanner: for booking flights

Drawing data from a gigantic database of hundreds of airlines and flights, this app allows you to quickly and conveniently look up the best deals and actually book your flights directly from your phone. With Skyscanner at hand, you will feel like you have an insider connection at the nearby airports.

Booking: for finding accommodation

When you need to find bed and breakfast during your travels, there are no shortage of websites and services you can rely on. But if you lack time and patience, then booking is the app for you; with a massive database comprised of all kinds of holiday accommodations all around the world, booking is simply the largest application of this kind.

Google Maps: to never get lost

With the help of the GPS chip in your Android, Google Maps is likely to become your trusted navigational sidekick. You can easily find your current location by tapping on the screen, and get detailed directions to anywhere you need to go. With this app by your side, you won’t ever have to lose your way while moving around unfamiliar grounds.

Around me: to learn about surroundings

While Google Maps is great for exploring your surroundings at random, this app is amazing for finding something specific in the close vicinity. Either you want a hotel, restaurant or entertainment, “Around Me” will quickly and efficiently show you the closest and best options, complete with detailed reviews from other travelers.

Tripit! travel plans organizer

If you’re a genuine road warrior and spend a lot of time moving around between different towns and countries, Tripit! can make matters easier. This travel planner lets you keep track of all your routes, tickets, schedules and just about every technicality related with traveling. Oh, and it couldn’t be easier to use!

Google Translate: your personal interpreter

For anyone who worries about the language barrier, here’s yet another impressive must-have app by Google. Google Translate for Android doesn’t merely support written translation between dozens of languages; you can actually speak something in your native dialect, and the software will translate what you just said and speak back in another language of your choice. Can you imagine how useful this can be?

Google Goggles: reverse image search

Google Goggles is a reverse image search – meaning it can be used to find what something is, from its picture. For example, you can take a picture of a monument you come across, and Goggles will identify that monument and bring up all available information from the Internet. Looks like magic, but it’s relatively simple technology!

Facebook: to keep in touch with home

We don’t have to tell you how useful this social media behemoth can be, for keeping in touch with friends and family no matter where in the world you happen to be. What you may want to know is that using Facebook in your smart phone or tablet is even simpler and more convenient. Try it now, and see for yourself!

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