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Chicken soup is one of those dishes that are very common around the world and are consumed by a majority of people before a meal. The soup cleanses your palate and whets your appetite for the meal that you are about to consume. It is also a great sinus cleanser as the hot chicken soup is recommended for anybody who has a cold or sore throat.

Taking a look at how chicken soup is prepared around the world, you too, will be able to do so. If you buy meat online with Licious, one will be able to get their meat delivered right to their doorstep.


India loves spice. And why would they exclude soup from that spiciness? The Indian soups are generally made with the stock of chicken added with multiple masalas and spices that vary all over the nation before adding the pieces of chicken that are succulent and juicy for one to chew on.


In China as well as Tibet, soup is an integral part of the diet. Most of the soup is made from chicken broth that has a few mild spices and topped off with pieces of chicken. They are best had with noodles, which is a very common food dish in this region.


As Europeans are generally very averse to spice, the soup in these regions are generally a little more on the milder side. Clear chicken soup is a very common soup in Europe. If you are interested in cooking your own soup, Licious is your go-to meat shop online where you can get meat delivered right to your doorstep within 90 minutes.

South America:

South American soups bring back the trend of spice and the Colombian Ajiaco is the best example of this kind of soup. The dish contains chunks of chicken that is cooked in broth with potatoes as well as a spice that is indigenous to the region, known as the guascas. You can also now complete your online meat order with the help of Licious and get food delivered home.


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