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How often do we visit a trade show or a marketing event on purpose? Rarely, isn’t it? Unless we have a purpose to visit a marketing event, we infrequently stay there longer than 2 to 3 minutes and since our entire purpose is different altogether we are called as by-passers. And these by-passers contribute staggering more than 75% of the total crowd, rendering that the whole event’s success depend upon it. But, there is a way we could tap this 75% crowd and convert most of them in to potential customers or immediate customers. How? Let’s check out.

What Does Research Say?

A survey was conducted most recently stating that a promotional gift attracts 90% of the crowd. Depending upon the promotional product, the audience can be gathered and further captured.

  • One such promotional product is the custom flash drives. Custom means customized according to requirement in to different shapes, sizes and colors with print of the company name and logo over it. According to an Infographic, created by USB memory direct ‘surveyor’, promotional products is the most effective way to attach with audiences. This has outwitted even television commercials in pulling audiences.
  • A study was conducted in Georgia Southern University, which claims that 71.6% of the persons, who attended and received the promotional product, retain the name of the company in their memory. While 76.3% had a preferable and conducive attitude towards the company.

This suggests how much a promotional product can affect your sales. Now, add to that the techno-savvy, utility and affordability of the flash drives as your next promotional product!

What’s The Trend?

However, just any promotional product will not do the job for you. You require an affordable yet a product that will nail its objective. According to the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI), the following are some of the top items used as a promotional product.

  • Leather Items
  • USB Flash Drives
  • Mugs

Mugs being the most affordable amongst the lot, however, are also the least usable. People generally forget or are unable to carry it with them resulting in failure of the objective.

Secondly leather items are extremely costly plus can be refused due to religious beliefs, again not good enough.

And last but not least, USB flash drives an extremely useful tool in today’s technological world where everything is in soft copy.

Custom flash drives help the company to choose the most cost effective promotional product, which attains the objective of not only attracting audiences, but to retain and create new ones by the help of retained ones.


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